What to Really Consider When Hiring a Search Firm


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By Mitch Oakley, founder and CEO of search firm Charles Aris

Organizations justifiably take many criteria into account when considering partnering with an executive search firm. But which ones are the most important? A new report by Mitch Oakley, founder and CEO of search firm Charles Aris, lays out the questions to ask when selecting a recruiting firm for your next big assignment.

Various studies have underscored the true cost of a bad hire. “So it’s hardly surprising when any given company’s seemingly simple decision to hire the right talent for mission-critical roles influences and drives that organization’s ensuing success,” said Mr. Oakley. “And in the vast majority of searches conducted by retained search firms, both the quality and leadership of the firm significantly influence the quality of talent the client organization interviews and ultimately has the option to hire.”

Yet it’s more complicated than that. “While the best search firms have tested and proven recruitment systems and processes in place, the individual search professional who works directly with the client – and the ability of that professional to effectively utilize her firm’s talent identification/selection/attraction systems and processes – will truly determine the success of each search,” he said.

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