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How to demonstrate 3 important soft skills during an interview


By Stephanie Vozza Having an in-demand hard skill, such as proficiency in a certain technology, may get your foot in the door when you’re searching for a job, but if you want to land it, employers want to see your soft skills. Unfortunately, traits such as being a team player or problem solver are not […]

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S Korea cram schools prepare job seekers for AI hiring systems


In CRAM school-obsessed South Korea, students fork out for classes in everything from K-pop auditions to real estate deals. Now, top Korean firms are rolling out artificial intelligence (AI) in hiring – and job seekers want to learn how to beat the bots. From his basement office in downtown Gangnam, careers consultant Park Seong-jung is […]

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18+ Interview Techniques Every Employer Needs To Know


by Bailey Reiners Interviews are a challenge for even the most seasoned recruiter. Each candidate, hiring manager, role and situation is different, making it difficult to prepare and execute interviews consistently and effectively. For starters, you need to understand the different types of interviews your team can conduct. You also need to prepare ahead of […]

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How to sell yourself in an interview


By Neha Mistry The idea of having to sell yourself in an interview is something that a lot of job seekers might struggle with. You want to highlight your qualifications without coming off sounding too smug. But what can wind up happening instead is that you undersell yourself, or you come across as overly confident […]

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Learn How to Ace an On-Screen Interview


When it comes to hiring, more organizations are casting a wide net to find top talent. As such, they are incorporating technology into their recruiting processes. It’s just not practical for companies to fly every potential candidate to their headquarters for an interview in person, so today’s job seekers need to be prepared for a […]

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