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Hire Fast, Fire Fast: New Strategies For Competitive Marketing Job Markets


By Jennifer Davis Building a customer-centric enterprise relies on employees building relationships, acting on insights and growing alongside the needs of customers. Underlying this is an assumption that marketing teams have the personnel they need and that they are up to the task. In today’s competitive job market, companies are changing their approach in order […]

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How Automation and Artificial Intelligence will Transform


By Suresh Sambandam Chief Executive Officer, KiSSFLOW Technology won’t take the “human” out of human resources anytime soon, but tools like process automation and artificial intelligence are shaking up HR departments around the world. Machines are taking on time-consuming administrative tasks, empowering recruiters to focus on people management. As businesses shift toward human capital-centered social […]

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For some HR teams, mobile recruiting offers a real edge


Mobile devices are now a recruiting tool — one that should not be taken for granted. HR managers who have adopted a mobile recruiting practice said it can deliver tangible benefits that can make all the difference in attracting quality candidates. They are turning to text messaging, iPads and QR barcodes, and they are designing […]

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Hired report reveals the most in-demand software skills


Demand for developers and engineers with blockchain skills has risen 517% over the last 12 months, a survey of almost 100,000 developers has found. Moreover, the salaries offered for blockchain engineering roles are among the highest for developers in London, averaging $89,000 per annum (approximately £68,000). This is second only to embedded engineers, who earn […]

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Digital HR In Workplace


Digital transformation is a much-extolled disruptor in almost all organizations. Organizations are reshaping themselves because of digital transformation. As organizations transform themselves, their departments have undergone tremendous change primarily because of digitalization. The HR division is no exception. Digital and social media have also positively changed the HR division in the workplace. They have transformed […]

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6 key HR industry trends that will prevail in 2019


From SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to multi-national corporations and start-ups, business digitization and technological upgradation are quintessential. Moreover, technology plays an even more important role at the core of every organization i.e. Human Resource (HR) Management. A survey by Statista in 2016 highlighted that 72% of the global companies believe digital HR to be […]

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5 Key Features of Talent Management Software That Can Transform Your Organization


Talent Management software is a technology tool used by HR professionals to manage employees within an organization. It’s used by companies and HR professionals to deliver online educational courses to their employees to boost their skills. They can also utilize the system to develop a large pool of learning resources for their trainees and create […]

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How HR management software can help organisations streamline work


Over the past decade, HR Management Software has evolved in many ways. A new system has now taken over the conventional Human Resource Management, which has enabled HRs to work in a more systematic and easy way. Now, what are the essentials for an organisation to ensure smooth functioning and progress towards its growth and […]

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The HR Technology Reference Glossary

remote work

As an HR professional, you’re probably already using some sort of software application to manage employees within your organization, but if you aren’t – how are you supposed to know which kind you need? There are so many different types of HR software available today, from employee engagement software to attendance tracking software. When it […]

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Five steps to effective goal setting for HR

HR Software

Yes, we know it! Goal setting is the first step in the journey to achievement…. But are we doing it right? Are we setting our performance goals correctly? Do our goals meet the five hallmarks of effective goal setting? Read on to learn more about the SMART methodology of goal setting, which transforms goals into […]

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Three recruitment marketing trends that will dominate 2019


By Kristina Marti? In order to predict the state of the recruitment industry in 2019, let’s start by a quick recapitulation of the key recruitment challenges in 2018. According to Glassdoor, 76% of hiring managers reported that attracting top talent was their greatest challenge in 2018. This finding comes as no surprise considering that US […]

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How to Prevent Great Hires From Getting Away


By Emily Canal In today’s tight labor market, if you don’t take care of qualified job applicants, your competitors will. With unemployment at historic lows–it stood at 4.0 percent in January–losing qualified candidates to other companies can be a particularly costly setback. One way to set your company apart from the competition is to rethink […]

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Cloud-based HRM software company Ultimate acquired in $11 Bn deal

ultimate software

Ultimate Software, which creates a cloud-based human resources management software has been acquired by Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners in an $11 Bn deal. Florid-based HRM software company, Ultimate Software, was founded in 1990 by Scott Scherr. He will continue in his existing role along with the rest of the senior management team. The company […]

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HR Automation as a Technological Evolution

Recruiting Automation

By eking Nowadays the employers more often face the problem of choosing the most effective way of staff recruitment and evaluation. Undoubtedly personal qualities of applicants are formed at an early age and as a rule they are not getting changed during their life. And usually applicants improve the level of their professional training while […]

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Shiftgig Launches Deploy, a New Software Platform for Staffing Firms


Shiftgig, the workforce technology company, announced the launch of Deploy, a powerful software platform that helps staffing firms engage and redeploy workers while streamlining operations and client self-service ordering. “We are thrilled to make Deploy available to staffing firms and other organizations that have a large flexible workforce,” says Rick Bowman, chief executive officer at […]

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Referral Recruiting: 10 Employee Referral Strategies


By Veronica Feldmeier Building a talented team is a never-ending process. Qualified candidates are hard to come by in today’s market. This is, in part, thanks to the historically low unemployment rate. Fortunately for hiring managers, there is a simple recruitment strategy to improve the quality and quantity of candidates: Turn all of your employees […]

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4 Easy Ways to Millennial-Proof Your Human Resources Strategy


By Heidi Lynne Kurter As the largest generation in the workforce, millennials are turning the workplace upside down and requiring human resources to redefine their role. Technology plays an important part more than ever and it’s changing the type of people hired and how they’re recruited. The future of HR is now. The longer HR […]

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Top 5 most competitive industries of 2019

Recruiting software

Momentum in the recruitment industry is shifting in 2019. From a high volume of employers fighting for the top candidates – to a high volume of candidates fighting for the best roles. Having more candidates this year, however, doesn’t mean employers will have it easy filling in vacancies. New research suggests employers will only have […]

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Social media for recruitment faces a human glitch


By Patrick Thibodeau Employee referral software can use social media for recruitment to find connections between existing employees and the people they know, but there’s a human glitch: The employees don’t always want to do it. Employees are less likely to refer a job candidate in a similar field if the candidates are seen as […]

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What will be new in HR – 2019


The HR industry is undergoing major changes and developments in technology and how we view employees. The expectation from the companies are growing rapidly, and HR departments are striving to retain employees and improve the working culture. The HR sector has a whole new world of possibility to explore reporting and recruiting software, managing employee […]

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