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New York has become a hot buyer’s market for job seekers

New York

By Virginia Backaitis If you woke up on New Year’s Day resolving that this will be the year you finally quit complaining about your job and get a new one, your timing is perfect. While the unemployment rate hovers near all-time lows nationwide, jobs in the Big Apple are being created at a faster clip […]

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Recruitment Being A Hectic Task, Now Automate It Via Jobsoid


By Udit Agarwal Are you looking to hire new employees for your company, but not getting the enough time to sort everything? If not, then you are at right place. Jobsoid will work for you. Jobsoid An Introduction Jobsoid is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that helps the businesses and recruitment agencies to streamline their […]

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How to Find Qualified Candidates

g2 crowd

By Courtney Moran You’re a hiring manager and you’ve got work to do: Hire the most qualified talent for the job. You’ve gotten the necessary approval to hire a new team members, and now you need to follow a plan to find them. Your first step will be to craft a clear and compelling job […]

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Top recruitment trends to watch in 2019

recruitment trends

It’s that time of year again…when people predict what the new year will have in store and set their sights on 2019. The past year has seen some significant trends impact the recruitment industry, including; candidate expectations, employer brand and social recruiting. As well as legal and political factors which rocked the boat, such as […]

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German HR and recruiting platform Personio raises $40M Series B led by Index


By Steve O’Hear Personio, the German HR and recruiting platform, has raised $40 million in a Series B funding. Leading the round is London-based Index Ventures, with participation from existing investors Northzone and Rocket Internet’s Global Founders. Founded in 2015, Munich-based Personio has set out to build an “HR operating system” for small and medium-sized […]

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AI Crushes Crypto As Top Job For Tech Workers, AngelList Reports

Artificial Intelligence

By Elisabeth Brier Artificial Intelligence has supplanted blockchain and cryptocurrency as the startup industry tech workers are most interested in joining, according to a new report from AngelList, a U.S.-based platform that connects startups with investors. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence was the top industry coveted in 2018 by the 8 million job seekers registered […]

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Using Job Boards for Recruiting and Tips to Help You Get the Best Candidates

job boards

If you run your own business, you already know how hard it can be to find the right people. Recruiting, attracting, and keeping qualified candidates often seems like a full-time job in itself, and every minute you spend looking is one more minute you could have spent serving your customers. That may be why so […]

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ZazuHR Launches a New ATS Product and Job Search Solution, inZazu


ZazuHR is excited to announce the launch of inZazu. is a new customized job search that brings an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a background screening solution into one platform. With an accessible and fully customizable software, inZazu streamlines the entire hiring process. inZazu is the easiest platform to post and search positions, verify […]

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Small Changes You Can Make In 2019 That Will Help Further Your Career


By Bianca Barratt It’s the same every year – “this is the year I’m going to leave on time every night,” or “this is the year I’m going to read a new book every week,” we tell ourselves every January the first, filled with optimism that the new year will be the one where everything […]

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No more human resources: AI invades the workplace, bot becomes the new hiring manager


By: Smitha Verma As artificial intelligence invades the workplace, the bot has also become the new hiring manager. Is this the way companies will hire, manage and train the workforce now? It’s the buzzword that’s taken over most human resources (HR) conferences. At last year’s HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, several companies […]

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Digital Trends in HR Recruitment for 2019


By Rachael Klinefield There is no more “what’s it going to be like in the digital age?” We’re in the digital age. Now, the questions for HR professionals are “how has the digital age changed recruitment efforts?” and “how is it going to change them in the future?” What Is Becoming Obsolete in HR Today? […]

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Small Business Guide to Recruiting Etiquette


By Kayla Harrison, Small Business Guide to Recruiting Etiquette It’s easy for big companies to attract talent with brand names, effective marketing strategies and employee benefits. There comes a challenge for small businesses when they search for new hires. However, these businesses can draw in job seekers with unique features, high values and a positive […]

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Maid in the Midlands – from cleaning toilets to HR tech entrepreneur


Posted by: Barney Cotton Sarah Dowzell is a mother, entrepreneur, HR specialist and now Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Birmingham-based company, Natural HR. The company provides cloud-based HR software to medium-sized businesses, and was born out of Sarah’s own need for a HR system to manage employee records when running a cleaning business in […]

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Are Your Recruiting Coordinators Brand Ambassadors or Scheduling Assistants?


Your recruiting coordinators are the front-line troops of your talent acquisition operation and shepherd candidates through your interviewing and hiring process. To the talent you’re trying to attract, recruiting coordinators are a trusted contact who can assist in learning more about your company and opportunity. Until a candidate accepts your offer and joins your team, […]

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Four Ways to Buy Yourself More Job Security in 2019


Most U.S. companies employ workers on an at-will basis, which means that they can let their employees go at any time and for any reason, provided it’s not discriminatory in nature. As such, it can be hard to feel secure in any given role, even if you’ve been with your employer for quite some time […]

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Why recruitment alone is a weak talent strategy

recruiting Talent

By Tom Chapman Richard Florida authored a piece entitled “America’s Looming Creativity Crisis” in the Harvard Business Review ( published In October 2004. He presciently identified a challenge that was facing and continues to face the United States – the inability to find the “creative class”. In the article, Florida writes, “Today, virtually the entire […]

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All That Glitters Isn’t Going To Transform Your Business


By Colin Day Chairman and CEO of iCIMS. Under Colin’s leadership, iCIMS has become the leading best-of-breed provider of recruiting software. The tech industry exists to create the next big thing. That’s what makes our space so exciting and what fuels the modern-day gold rush to Silicon Valley. We’re on a mission to reinvent every […]

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This is what most companies get wrong about flexibility


By Vivian Giang7 minute Read When Agios Pharmaceuticals saw its workforce increase more than 450% in three years–from 90 to 500 employees–leaders feared the firm could end up with the kind of toxic culture that rears its ugly head in the aftermath of tremendous growth. The niceties that came with being small and nimble are […]

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New Tech for jobseekers in 2019


With hundreds of job boards to search through an applicant management interface provides one place to view and apply for jobs. Job Seekers love using an applicant management interface to help them secure work, but what is it? With hundreds of job boards to search through an applicant management interface provides one place to view […]

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The Mom Project, a job site for moms returning to work


If you are a mother who has taken a break from full-time employment to raise kids, you may have also experienced the challenge that is jumping back into the working world after your break. You may find you need more time flexibility; you have been out of the job market for years and so your […]

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