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Why you should market your company to potential employees


By Jason Mudd Finding talent is a key component in running a successful company. In many industries, especially technology, health care, and construction, the shortage of qualified workers makes recruiting difficult for employers. Larger companies have budgets to hire recruiters, whereas most smaller companies post on job boards and hope for the best. Every company […]

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Technology Implementation barriers in the space of recruitment


The Talent Acquisition industry has always been ahead when it is about embracing anything new for bringing in the best talent. With the augment of technologies (Artificial Intelligence and machine learning) and developments in data analytics; the TA industry is trying to reap the benefits from a hugely diverse ecosystem of technology. Alongside, new branding […]

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How To Retain Talent In Your Business


By Bart Macdonald There are nearly 7 million job openings in the United States, but there are only 6.5 million unemployed workers. This talent shortage, coupled with a skills gap, makes for a very competitive talent market in which your organization’s employees have many job opportunities available to them. As the co-founder of a human […]

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Cash in on talent scouting


By Abhishek Agarwal The Indian Staffing market size has grown exponentially over the past few years as Indian Staffing Federation estimated its value of about EUR 3.6 Billion. The organised retail sector, construction and real estate, BFSI, and Automobile sector are likely to create 40,000 to 12, 62,120 jobs by 2021. With this, the talent […]

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Artificial Intelligence Can Be Applied To Executive Talent Acquisition


By Kandace Miller Instances of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are being used around the world today to make data-based decisions that are helping companies make important choices that essentially drive profit, altering business results. This is the perfect time to think about how artificial intelligence (AI) will impact your business as well […]

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5 Ways CEOs and Other Entrepreneurs Can Attract the Top Talent They Need


By Ed Donner, Founder and CEO, Untapt No matter what industry you’re in or how large your team is, talent will play a crucial role in your company’s success or failure. This year, according to Worldcomm Group, there was a 43 percent jump in the number of CEOs and business leaders who prioritize talent in […]

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How to Attract Top Talent in the 21st Century


Finding the right employees has been one of the cornerstones of good business since times immemorial. The first caveman who realized he could sell excess animal skins probably went out and tried to hire the best hunters to work for him. It is nothing new. The industrial revolution almost destroyed this concept as workers became […]

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How Great Companies Attract Top Talent


In 2014, top organizations are focusing on several high-profile business challenges. For example, last year, some studies exposed disturbingly low employee engagement rates. Best companies are figuring how to engage top performers by helping them map their career paths and develop desired knowledge and skills. They do this through professional development classes, executive coaching and […]

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