Why All You’re Hearing Is Crickets From Your Job Search



By Michael Pollock, Executive coach and consultant for creative and media professionals and owner of Pollock Spark

How are those job applications coming along? Are you scouring websites and sending out cold submissions on those irritating forms? If you’re still reading, I guess that what you’ve been getting back from your efforts is … crickets. What’s that about?

Stay with me and we’ll find a better way to get you that next gig.

But first, I will hypothesize the crickets scenario. Someone within a company needs to hire, say, a designer, a strategist, or an engineer for their team.
And they usually need that person ASAP. This someone with a need is one of the people creating the firm’s product, service, app, whatever it may be. They are not in the human capital business. So they pass their request on to the “people” people.

These HR folks are usually excellent and always overworked, but they don’t fully get the subtleties of the specific position and the characters involved. How could they? They are dealing with far more open positions across multiple teams than they can possibly handle with brilliance. However, they do have a trove of prior job descriptions they can mine to make an impressive cut-and-paste spec for this position.

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