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A job board is an online platform used by employers to hire new or experienced recruits for any kind of job vacancy in their organization.
Job Board Software allows a business to setup a Job Board, Career Site or Staffing website. and post different job opportunities based on requirements. It helps your potential employees to find jobs that match their qualifications and skills.

The Advantages of Job Board Software

The first and foremost advantage of job board software is that there is a wide range of job boards present in the market, so companies can customise the job board software and implement the project as per their needs. This allows them to choose the right kind of theme and modules that better suit their organization’s needs.

Unlimited Jobs, Applicants, Recruiters
Another factor that makes it advantageous is that the size of the organisation doesn’t matter. This means that no matter if you are a freelancer, a small business, or a big organisation with a thousand employees, you can setup an advanced job board. This gives you the flexibility to post unlimited jobs and hire applicants online.

The Job Board acts as a Brand Ambassador.
Using the job board software, a company can create a website to act as a brand ambassador for the organization. They can do this by presenting the job board with the company’s brand logo, color, layout, etc. This gives you a big advantage while hiring a new and potential employee for your company. This also helps your organisation to grow more and achieve company hiring goals with higher efficiency.

Job board software has resume matching features that allow hiring companies to scan and shortlist a large number of resumes. They do this by comparing their qualifications, their interests, and their skills with what is required for the job opportunities your company needs employees for.And provides you with the best promising candidates who are better suited for that job role. This not only reduces the time needed by you to select the potential candidates, but also helps you to select the right candidates while saving time, which many recruiters face while recruiting potential candidates for that job role.

Basic Job Board Software Features.

Job Board software has extensive features for both recruiters and candidates, which are as follows.

Management of jobs
Job Board software offers job management, which means that from a single dashboard you can manage all of the candidates who have applied for different positions on multiple websites and job boards. You can easily analyse all the written descriptions, the number of applications for a job you posted, and much more.

Job Search and Resume Posting
The job search and resume posting feature of job board software helps aspirants and potential candidates find a job by using their data from other job sites or an uploaded resume to auto-fill application forms. This also, in turn, streamlines the resume search process for recruiters.

Built-in Applicant Tracking System [ATS]
This allows recruiters to quickly evaluate and review candidates in various phases of the recruiting process with ease. This helps them to manage all of the applications and narrow down the few which they need. This helps employers in the early elimination of unqualified candidates, thus cutting the time required in half.

Application Administration
With this feature, all the applications are stored in a single database. This helps employers to swiftly filter down the most relevant candidates for a position by simply using keyword-based searches. This simplifies the recruitment process, thus providing employers with only the potential candidates and filtering out the rest.

Job Matching Engine
A job matching engine allows recruiters to save their precious time by uploading an ideal CV for a job. This enables the job board software to properly analyse all the applications which are already present in their database. This analysis provides the recruiters with all the closest matches found by the job board software. This saves them time and provides them with the most promising and potential candidates for their job.

Pricing for Job Board Software
The pricing of job board software is mostly determined by the vendor, whether it is SaaS-based or fixed-cost software. Also, customizations like API integration with third-party applications and a specialised account manager tend to be more expensive than others. Most software manufacturers provide you with a basic version or bundle to get you started, so that you can decide it by yourself. However, you can upgrade your plan with new and/or more complex features as your needs change.

Why use Job Board Software?
If you are a recruitment agency, staffing company, or an organisation that wants to hire the most promising candidates for job roles and opportunities based on their skills and qualifications, then you must have a job board software as the backend. Also, if you want to recruit on a bigger scale, then opting for job board software is a big yes for you.

Recruiting the right employee for your organisation is not an easy task. Especially when recruiting in bulk, job board software makes it easy for recruiters by equipping them with great features while doing a portion of their tasks all by themselves. That is because it provides them with the best potential candidates for their particular job, thus making it a much easier process.

Job Board Application with ATS

Ejobsitesoftware is a web-based application built on PHP/MySQL/Linux Platform that enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional advanced job board or job site. It can be used in setting up niche Job Board for specific countries, regional Job Board or a general Job Board.


  • Each job site customized to specific client requirement
  • Save time as very advanced features like ATS already built in
  • Paypal & other payment gateway setup
  • Free customized homepage samples and web design support
  • Make money by charging members to list on your site or by posting ads Google AdSense or run your own banner campaign

Key Features

  • Job Seekers upload multiple resumes
  • Employers add, edit and delete jobs
  • Billing System for Admin
  • Advanced Job Search
  • Job/Resume Alerts by email
  • Newsletter Module
  • Ad/Banner Management
  • Applicant tracking system to screen & shortlist
  • Detailed Reports

There is an only one-time fee per server / site for the hosted solution for any number of employers, resumes or job Seekers.

Every Purchase Includes:

  • Free setup and installation
  • Free 12-month’s technical support and training
  • Free annual hosting

We can also undertake additional customizations, resume additions, database conversions, and integration work.

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