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How to choose recruiting and hiring software and services

hr software

By Mark Kaelin Finding, recruiting, and hiring topnotch talent is key to your company’s success. These guidelines will help you assess potential vendors and services that can lend a hand. Without a doubt, technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, coupled with the general digital transformation of just […]

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Big data, better talent acquisition


By S J Raj Modern-day hiring practices have evolved a great deal than what was before. While earlier, it used to be through newspaper advertisements or billboards or even hiring newsletters. It then started to change with the onset of the Internet where vacancies were published online, giving rise to online job portals or sourcing […]

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How To Retain Talent In Your Business


By Bart Macdonald There are nearly 7 million job openings in the United States, but there are only 6.5 million unemployed workers. This talent shortage, coupled with a skills gap, makes for a very competitive talent market in which your organization’s employees have many job opportunities available to them. As the co-founder of a human […]

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Nintendo Japan Recruitment Stats May Have You Packing for Tokyo


By Liz Lanier The average Nintendo Japan employee makes $80K a year and stays with the company for 13.5 years, according to statistics posted on the company’s recruitment page, as spotted and tweeted by games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Thursday. Nintendo is pushing for 2020 graduates to join its ranks, and posted several relevant […]

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Tencent’s WeChat created 22 million job opportunities in 2018 – report


By Bailey Hu Social media platform WeChat created more than 22 million job opportunities in 2018, 5.3 million of which drew the majority of income through the platform, according to a report published on Monday. Total job opportunities grew 10% compared with 2017, following steady average growth of more than 2 million positions per year […]

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Hire Fast, Fire Fast: New Strategies For Competitive Marketing Job Markets


By Jennifer Davis Building a customer-centric enterprise relies on employees building relationships, acting on insights and growing alongside the needs of customers. Underlying this is an assumption that marketing teams have the personnel they need and that they are up to the task. In today’s competitive job market, companies are changing their approach in order […]

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Now, companies are deploying robots to decode CVs


As robots tread their way into every industry from hotels to healthcare, how could human resources (HR) and recruitment remain far behind? With automation gradually seeping into various levels within organisations, resumes are getting increasingly scanned by robots, or rather specialised applicant tracking systems (ATS). According to, a leading global resume service provider, about […]

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Hired report reveals the most in-demand software skills


Demand for developers and engineers with blockchain skills has risen 517% over the last 12 months, a survey of almost 100,000 developers has found. Moreover, the salaries offered for blockchain engineering roles are among the highest for developers in London, averaging $89,000 per annum (approximately £68,000). This is second only to embedded engineers, who earn […]

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Four Job Search Secrets Every Recent Graduate Should Know

job search

By Shelcy V. Joseph Now that most people are back in office, it’s a great time for candidates to put themselves out there and chase their dream job. As a lot of companies are evaluating their yearly budget and planning their strategy, there is a good chance that new positions will open that hiring managers […]

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15% of job seekers now land a job through social media


By Macy Bayern Nearly 15% of job seekers today use social media to find their next job, according to a Clutch survey released on Wednesday. Depending on the industry, employers focus on different social media platforms when recruiting, the survey found. For example, more creative or visual industries typically look to Instagram, while more traditional […]

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Software to Check People Before Recruitment


BY Melissa Thompson A crucial part of recruitment is to check people ahead of any potential hire and in doing so you can find out a huge amount of information about the candidate. There is a lot of software available on the market which can support you in doing this and here are the best […]

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Top 5 most competitive industries of 2019

Recruiting software

Momentum in the recruitment industry is shifting in 2019. From a high volume of employers fighting for the top candidates – to a high volume of candidates fighting for the best roles. Having more candidates this year, however, doesn’t mean employers will have it easy filling in vacancies. New research suggests employers will only have […]

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Why recruitment alone is a weak talent strategy

recruiting Talent

By Tom Chapman Richard Florida authored a piece entitled “America’s Looming Creativity Crisis” in the Harvard Business Review ( published In October 2004. He presciently identified a challenge that was facing and continues to face the United States – the inability to find the “creative class”. In the article, Florida writes, “Today, virtually the entire […]

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Download Recruiting Platform Buyer’s Toolkit


Evaluating recruiting software – whether you’re standing up a new solution or replacing an old one – can be daunting. How do you know where to start? How can you take a methodical and informed approach when assessing vendors? Download this Recruiting Platform Buyer’s Toolkit for everything you need to guide you through the evaluation […]

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We must spread the net wider in graduate recruitment

graduate recruitment

By Sébastien Thibault The financial services industry is at a crossroads. It is eager to ensure its longevity by enticing the next generation of bright, young recruits taking their first steps in the world of work, but hamstrung by negative stereotypes perpetuated amongst graduates and school leavers about working hours and company culture. Traditionally, many […]

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3 Keys to Recruiting: Collaboration, Friction-free Processes and Rapid Results


By Simon Oldham President, QJumpers In today’s hyper-competitive war for talent, a quick hiring process benefits all parties. Find out how by focusing on collaboration, putting friction-free processes in place and using technology, you can significantly shorten your time-to-hire A consistent theme in the world of talent acquisition is that it takes too much time […]

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Hiring Poses Many Challenges But at Least Some Can Be Fixed With Technology


By Anand Srinivasan In his article about the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face, contributor Larry Alton lists “team building” as one of the most significant hurdles. He points out that picking the right team for a startup is quite stressful, even for those with considerable management experience. This is all the more challenging when you […]

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How to build a successful candidate redeployment strategy


By Peter Linas, EVP Corporate Development & International at Bullhorn In today’s competitive recruitment market, a candidate redeployment strategy is essential. Recruitment professionals continue to cite the global talent shortages as a key obstacle, and with talent at an all-time premium, the pressure is on to meet client demands as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. […]

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8 Things To Think About Before You Post A Résumé On Job Boards


By Jack Kelly There may be a time in your job search when you feel you’ve exhausted all avenues. Months have passed since you drafted, edited, changed and rewrote your résumé again for the 32nd time. Your LinkedIn profile has been tweaked so many times that it’s back to where you originally started. Hundreds of […]

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