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Category Archives: Recruitment

IT Recruiting: Competing with the Googles and Amazons

IT Recruiting

By Jessica Davis Hiring top technology talent is crucial to moving into and succeeding in the digital age. But how do you compete against big tech companies? In today’s strong economy, it’s a great market for IT professionals to find a new position and negotiate a strong compensation package. But for employers, there’s a lot […]

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Attracting and retaining talent – top habits of successful recruiters


By Stuart Gentle Just a few months ago it was reported that the UK job market is at a record high of 76.2% with the lowest level of unemployment since 1974. Add into the mix the fact that those in those in employment are changing jobs less often. Even millennials, once seen as constantly on […]

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3 Tips to Hire Smarter. Hint: Don’t Skip the Cover Letter

cover letter

By Adam Robinson Given the modern recruitment technology that’s available, many job seekers might think their applications are simply automatically scanned, rather than being reviewed directly by a hiring manager–and for a small business, that’s likely you. However, a new survey shows this is not the case. According to a study from ResumeLabs, a resume […]

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How to demonstrate 3 important soft skills during an interview


By Stephanie Vozza Having an in-demand hard skill, such as proficiency in a certain technology, may get your foot in the door when you’re searching for a job, but if you want to land it, employers want to see your soft skills. Unfortunately, traits such as being a team player or problem solver are not […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-employment Tests

pre employment test

Written by Kate Heinz On average, job openings receive 250 applications. At that rate, you’ll be sifting through resumes for the next few weeks while your open role remains unfilled and your cost-of-vacancy skyrockets. Enter pre-employment testing. Using a pre-employment test can significantly cut down on your time-to-fill and improve your quality of hire. By […]

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How To Find The Perfect Recruiting Partner in the Software Industry

recruitment software

By Amy Arenz In the world of software, business moves at lightning speed. To keep up with the competition, software companies need partners that can bring flexibility to the marketplace and remain agile every single day. For traditional contingent recruiters, this can pose an incredible barrier. Frequent changes to hiring priorities and high volume hiring […]

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How this recruitment startup grew 400 pc


At the moment, a successful socio-economic picture for India Inc. essentially depends on mitigating the unemployment rate in the country, which has been the highest in 45 years. This year, India is projected to create around 16 lakh fewer formal jobs in the government and other low-paying sectors. Even the informal sector paints quite an […]

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Dice reveals top technology employers, jobs, and skills for 2020


by Lance Whitney Making a career in technology can be challenging. Depending on your particular niche, knowing what skills to study and pursue and what jobs are attainable and lucrative are only two pieces of the puzzle. Choosing the right employer is the third piece that can determine how far you can go and succeed […]

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5 Best Talent Management Strategies for 2020

talent management

By Tony Bosco, Going into 2020, strong talent management is a priority for most organizations–large, mid-sized and small. This article shares 5 innovative talent management strategies for the next decade, with a focus on HR software, writes Tony Bosco, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances, JobDiva Acquiring good talent is a gamechanger for most […]

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Looking to hire a ’10x developer’?

recruiting Talent

By Liam Tung A new study sets out to debunk the idea that an organization can boost productivity by hiring programmers who are so much more productive than others that they can single-handedly determine the fate of a business. The idea of highly productive programmers – sometime referred to as ’10x programmers’ – is a […]

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How to hire the best employees for your startup


Many businesses don’t make it past the three-year mark. These companies fail for a variety of reasons; like an inadequately performing product or service, lack of revenue, and poor management. But if you’re a new business owner, there are ways to avoid the common pitfalls of new startups. One of the best ways to ensure […]

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How to Hire Great Employees for Your Small Business


By Charles Jones As a small business, the people you hire can have a huge impact on the success of your company. In a large business, it’s easy for people to fly under the radar and be unproductive. A large team means other people may pick up the slack and the bad employee’s actions might […]

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How to Build a Great Software Development Team


Building a great software development team takes more than finding the best developers. Engineering leaders must also ensure their team’s work aligns with the goals of the business and that they keep one eye on the future so that they’re ready to scale — and tackle the challenges that rapid growth creates. Leading by example […]

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S Korea cram schools prepare job seekers for AI hiring systems


In CRAM school-obsessed South Korea, students fork out for classes in everything from K-pop auditions to real estate deals. Now, top Korean firms are rolling out artificial intelligence (AI) in hiring – and job seekers want to learn how to beat the bots. From his basement office in downtown Gangnam, careers consultant Park Seong-jung is […]

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8 Ways DoD Recruitment Has Changed in the Last 5-10 Years


By Katie Keller About a decade ago, Facebook was just an online platform for college students. Fifteen years before that, human resources departments were promoting job postings in the local newspaper or magazine. It’s no secret that recruiting within the Department of Defense has not only changed drastically over the last 5-10 years, but has […]

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Software maker Phenom People raises $30 million

Phenom People

by Joseph N. DiStefano Phenom People, the Ambler-based software maker that eases the hiring process at companies from Microsoft to Merck, says it has raised another $30 million in its third venture-capital round. The money will help Phenom People expand and market its hiring software platform used by Southwest Airlines, Hershey, NFI Industries, and 300 […]

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Prepare for Hiring Success in 2020


The success of an organization depends upon its employees. The organization that has a robust recruitment process has the right direction to move into. Without any doubt, we all know that nowadays, recruitment requires automation. Technology is empowering recruiters with new directions to find quality talent. Traditional methods of recruitment have taken a backseat with […]

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Future of work predictions for 2020


By Charlotte Trueman As we welcome the new decade, it’s fair to say that the future of work has been a much-discussed topic over the last ten years, with digital disruptors impacting every aspect of the technology sector, from the tools we use to how we communicate and what constitutes the new normal when it […]

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18+ Interview Techniques Every Employer Needs To Know


by Bailey Reiners Interviews are a challenge for even the most seasoned recruiter. Each candidate, hiring manager, role and situation is different, making it difficult to prepare and execute interviews consistently and effectively. For starters, you need to understand the different types of interviews your team can conduct. You also need to prepare ahead of […]

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These Tips to Make Employees Waste Less Time Can Increase Productivity By 3x


By Saajan Sharma Employers, managers and HRs, aren’t all of you quite aware of the fact that all your employees do waste time intentionally & unintentionally? Certainly, you do. 60% of the time or less at work is spent productively. Imagine the impact it has on your business productivity. Nevertheless, instead of discussing how they […]

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