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Google Vows To Help You Work From Home With New Filter


By Anam Hamid The world’s most popular search engine, Google, is already used by many people around the world to look for jobs. Since sifting through results could be quite cumbersome, the search giant has now announced that it has refined its job search options. The new features are basically aimed at people looking for […]

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Nation’s largest military job board applies Google technology


By Sasha Foo The company that runs the nation’s largest military job board says a new Google search function is helping to produce more job leads for veterans. RecruitMilitary said its collaboration with Google gives service members a more effective means to match their work experience in the military to a job in the civilian […]

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How To Hire Like Google — And Why You Should


By Serenity Gibbons For the past decade, Google has been on job seekers’ lips. The company is one of only a handful to boast being named one of Glassdoor’s top places to work year after year. And it’s not its size that makes Google such a worker’s utopia; it’s the value the corporation places on […]

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Google launches new search tool to help veterans get civilian jobs


In an effort to help soldiers transition from the battlefield to the boardroom, Google is launching a new search tool specifically to help service members get civilian jobs. In a blog post on Monday, Google Cloud Program Manager Matthew Hudson, himself a former civil engineer for the Air Force, laid out the details for the […]

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Google’s newest push to radically improve the online job hunt for millions of Americans


By Tonya Riley As an analog of the newspaper classified section, online job boards like Indeed and Monster have long sold themselves as a one-stop shop for job seekers. Yet in the past decade, they’ve become synonymous with poor search functions, black hole–like résumé portals and expired job posts. The boom of AI technology in […]

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Google Cloud Job Discovery Tool


Google’s new Cloud Job Discovery tool has entered beta testing, allowing talent companies to use Google’s extensive artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to connect employers with the best candidates for their open jobs. Originally known as the Cloud Jobs API when it was announced in May, Cloud Job Discovery is part of Google’s larger […]

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Will Google for Jobs affect traffic for the major job sites?


When Google confirmed rumours that it was entering the recruitment market with Google for Jobs, some webmasters reacted with concern, while others seemed eager to get on board. There’s no doubt Google has enormous power. Some accuse the search-engine giant of steamrollering competitors when it enters new markets; the recent EU fine for ‘illegal’ practices […]

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Google rolls out HR software based on tech from Diane Greene’s old company


Google is adding to its cloud service lineup with a new product that companies can use to manage the job application process. Google Hire is designed to help human resources coordinators at small and mid-sized businesses schedule interviews and keep track of their candidates, Alphabet said Tuesday. The service integrates with existing Google cloud services […]

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Google Launches – Google Hire, Online Job Board

Google Hire

Google the search engine giant now has entered the recruitment sector and wants to help users find jobs. It has launched a new project called Google Hire a recruitment site Currently it is accepting login but is not fully functional yet After Facebook, Google is the next big social networking company to launch a recruitment […]

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Google launches Cloud Jobs API


Google has launched Job search and discovery API powered by machine learning It is a powerful job search and discovery built for the talent industry According to Google – “Company career sites, job boards and applicant tracking systems can improve candidate experience and company hiring metrics with job search and discovery powered by sophisticated machine […]

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Login Job Board with popular Social Networks


The Job Board Software – www.ejobsitesoftware.com allows social login using leading social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linden and Viadeo.com It boosts social engagement with jobseekers and employers, as they can select easy to remember social ids from thier favorite sites. Integrating social login increases Job Board’s sign-up rate up, as it provides a […]

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Nice Report on diversity at Google Office


Google publishes numbers about the diversity of their  workforce. Not surprisingly, most employees (61%) are White Males. Read Blog Post: http://googleblog.blogspot.in/2014/05/getting-to-work-on-diversity-at-google.html

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Google Tops This List Of Companies That Offer The Best Pay And Perks


Google has been ranked the company with the best pay and perks, according to a report from Glassdoor released Friday. The survey is based on employee feedback, with at least 75 ratings from former and current employees between April 2013 and 2014, and at least 25 ratings from April 2012 to 2013. Though Glassdoor has […]

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