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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Artificial Intelligence

By O’Kelly E. McWilliams III and Jennifer R. Budoff As more and more companies begin to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace, it becomes increasingly important for employers to understand both the risks and rewards that accompany this new technology. While the use of AI can be an efficient and cost effective means for […]

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AI Crushes Crypto As Top Job For Tech Workers, AngelList Reports

Artificial Intelligence

By Elisabeth Brier Artificial Intelligence has supplanted blockchain and cryptocurrency as the startup industry tech workers are most interested in joining, according to a new report from AngelList, a U.S.-based platform that connects startups with investors. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence was the top industry coveted in 2018 by the 8 million job seekers registered […]

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How AI is making recruitment fairer


The recruitment process can be a challenging process, starting with writing the perfect job advert and ending with making the tough decision of which interviewee would be best suited to fill the position. A common issue that is prevalent throughout the recruitment process is the problem of bias. READ NEXT 3 tech trends set to […]

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Is AI better at recruitment than humans?


By Poorna Rodrigo The technology behind artificial intelligence (AI)-led recruitment is ready for take-off. Across Asia, ambitious start-ups and tech giants alike are launching software, from chatbots to full-service candidate management systems, that claim to take the hard work out of hiring. Automated software, at its most basic, can conduct conversations with candidates that save […]

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The robot will interview you now: AI could revolutionize recruitment by weeding out bias


By Caroline Bullock Fuelled by the new breed of artificial intelligence (AI) -powered applications, technology that can bypass physical attributes and analyse candidate data at speed without emotion or prejudice is gaining traction. Of the 1,200 hiring professionals surveyed by recruitment firm Korn Ferry, almost two thirds say AI has changed both the way the […]

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How chatbots and artificial intelligence are disrupting human resources


By Kunal Sen is MD, Korn Ferry Futurestep India The future of job hunting will rely heavily on artificial intelligence The process of job hunting can be arduous. While some sought-after job vacancies are never usually posted on the internet, the ones that are displayed can get lost between company websites, job boards and professional […]

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Three Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Job Search


As the emphasis on recruiting shifts to finding the right “fit” for a company’s culture, robots are being used more commonly to screen candidates. Those human traits that matter so much at the office? AI is the first line of screening companies use to assess human qualities, drawing on research to analyze everything from word […]

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Evolution And Future Of The Recruiter Role


By Arthur Pereless – CEO of Pereless Systems The backbone of every company is the manpower behind its development. Therefore, recruiting is paramount to every company’s strategy and long-term success. Think about it: How can you have stellar support without great customer service reps? How can you achieve record-breaking sales without great salespeople? How can […]

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in HR

artificial intelligence

By Kirstie Magowan Managing Editor of IT Chronicles Many people have been asking “will a robot take my job?” A recent competition may leave you asking “will a robot find me my next job?” Brilent’s artificial intelligence (AI) based talent recruitment software recently placed in the Top 3 against a field of 8 of the […]

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How AI and recruiters will work together in the near future?

artificial intelligence

Nice Article by Tess Taylor of HRdrive.com Imagine a world where everything is automated, individuals go about their business without ever having to speak to another person, and all of life’s needs are at one’s fingertips. This is what’s happening now, around the world as organizations look for ways to streamline processes using the latest […]

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Does the rise of artificial intelligence mean the death of the recruiter?

artificial intelligence

Nice Article By Cath Everett When Deloitte and Oxford University released their study in 2013 indicating that 35% of all UK job types would be replaced by machines within 20 years, it was just the kind of manual processes involved in recruitment that the researchers had in mind. Gareth Jones, partner and head of technology […]

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