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Recruitment Software
Welcome to our Recruitment Software, designed to revolutionize how you manage your hiring process. Whether you’re a small recruitment company or a large corporation, our software is here to make recruitment a breeze.


  • Automated candidate screening
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Interview scheduling tool
  • Collaborative hiring platform


  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Improve candidate quality
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Streamline recruitment workflows

Includes Free

  • Annual Hosting
  • Installation on your server
  • Custom Homepage Theme
  • Annual Debugging

How it works

Create a job posting
Start by customizing a job posting template to attract the best talent.
Manage applicants
Utilize the applicant tracking system to review and shortlist candidates efficiently.
Schedule interviews
Use the interview scheduling tool to coordinate interviews seamlessly.
Build a candidate database
Store candidate information for future opportunities.
Hire the best fit
Streamline your hiring process and onboard the perfect candidate.
Job Board Software - how it works


What is the cost of Recruitment Software?
$600 all incl. Onetime payment
How secure is my data on your platform?
We prioritize data security and use encryption to protect your information.
Can I integrate your software with my current website?
Yes we support integration with various software’s for a seamless experience.
Is training provided for using the Recruitment Software?
We offer online training resources to help you make the most of our software.
What kind of support do you offer if I encounter any issues?
Our customer support team is available to assist you with any technical difficulties or questions.
Is there a free demo available before committing to a subscription?
Yes, we offer a demo so you can experience the benefits of our software before making a decision.
Is the Recruitment Software cloud-based?
No, our software is self-hosted, allowing for local data protection and onetime payment.
Can I customize the job posting templates to match my brand?
Our software offers customizable templates and logo to reflect your brand identity.
Is there a limit to the number of users who can access the software?
No, you can add multiple users based on your subscription plan.
Does the software offer analytics to track recruitment performance?
Yes, our software provides analytics to help you monitor and improve your recruitment processes.

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