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Recruitment sector is in the process of rapid change. All recruitment related business processes are being automating online. Mobile Apps, Online Software’s, Cloud computing and social media has totally changed the way Recruitment is done now a days.

Online recruitment software has variety of benefits for any business, which is why you should consider using such an application for hiring employees online. is a leading provider of an advanced Online Recruitment Software.

Ejobsitesoftware is a web-based Recruitment Software built on PHP/MySQL/Linux (LAMP) Platform that enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional advanced recruitment site.

Benefits of ejobsitesoftware

  • Each installation customized to specific client requirement
  • Save time as very advanced features like ATS already built in
  • Jobseeker features like advance job search, job alert, reports
  • Employer features like resume search, resume alert, Applicant Tracking System
  • Applicant tracking system tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting to selection
  • Access software from iPhone, Android App and Mobile Phone

Advantages of Online Recruitment Software

a. Collaboration

Using recruitment software you have the ability to better work with all departments within your company and figure out staff needs. If a person leaves their current position, with help from the recruitment software you can find the necessary replacement from the candidates list that’s already a part of the software. You can also use this tool to manage all your candidates and their CVs when you acquire them.

b. Efficient postings

With help of recruitment software you have the ability to create a custom website where you can manage applications and work flows. This way you brand yourself more efficiently and the experience of actually selecting the candidates is a lot better to say the least.

c. Continual access

The recruitment software offers immediate access to the database, candidates and all information stored on it. The access is 24/7 so whenever you want to access it you can easily do so. Many apps like this offer the ability to work remotely which means that you can literally access the database from another computer if you need to.

d. Better applications

Recruitment software keeps all applicants in a single place, you will immediately be able to figure out which persons are more qualified for your job. It’s better and easier to manage this type of tasks, so all you need to do is to focus on using this type of software to obtain the results you want.

e. You get more applicants

Once you set up the recruitment software it will be a lot easier for you to manage your applicants. This leads to better results, a high quality experience and obviously a wider array of people for you to choose from.

f. Saves time

Using recruitment software for managing applicants and candidates is amazing if you want to save time with the recruitment process. Usually recruiting can be very time consuming and with help from this type of software you can get some incredible results in the end. It’s all about attention to detail and the results will pay off nicely as long as you use the proper tool at your disposal.

There are many benefits that come from using dedicated recruitment software. From saving time to managing applicants more efficiently and so on, there are many opportunities you can access and it all comes down to you to make the right choice. Keep that in mind, be careful to select the proper tools that will cover your demands and the experience will be amazing for sure.

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