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How to hire the best employees for your startup


Many businesses don’t make it past the three-year mark. These companies fail for a variety of reasons; like an inadequately performing product or service, lack of revenue, and poor management. But if you’re a new business owner, there are ways to avoid the common pitfalls of new startups. One of the best ways to ensure […]

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10 Recruitment Predictions and Trends You Should Know for 2020

recruitment trends

There are so many changes technologically that are changing the way our workplaces are set up. In every section of the workplace from recruitment expectations to artificial intelligence, the way we’re recruiting for workplaces is changing. Here are the top ten trends in workplace recruitment that you should be aware of going into 2020. Read […]

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6 Recruiting Tips From Hiring Experts

recruitment tips

By Rada Abdo What exactly does it mean to have a great hiring process? We reached out to recruiting experts to get recruiting tips on the best hiring practices that are getting popular in the HR space now. Recruiting tips A lot of the tips we acquired were new tips that go against our traditional […]

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Remaining human in an AI recruitment environment

recruitment ai

Technology has always played a role in the recruitment process, but more recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have catapulted it to the lead item in the agenda of every chief human resource officer. From talent engagement to employer branding and candidate assessment, a recent JazzHR study revealed that six in ten […]

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How to recruit Generation Z into your workforce


By Georgios Chiotis But despite the urgent need for recruiters to change their approach in order to move with the times and keep up with an ever-evolving society and economy, too many still look to hire graduates based on a traditional recruitment process, which tends to focus solely on work experience as a marker of […]

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Why you should market your company to potential employees


By Jason Mudd Finding talent is a key component in running a successful company. In many industries, especially technology, health care, and construction, the shortage of qualified workers makes recruiting difficult for employers. Larger companies have budgets to hire recruiters, whereas most smaller companies post on job boards and hope for the best. Every company […]

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A Recruiter’s guide to new business – Part 1


By Stuart Thomas, Recruitment Industry Specialist If you’ve been in recruitment long enough, you will inevitably have heard some tired recruiter groan about how much they hate doing business development. You might even have been that tired recruiter who hates touting for new business. Getting on the phone and trying to convince an absolute stranger […]

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Tech workers are in the position to negotiate for high pay, but it’s not always the perk they want most

tech worker

By Jennifer Liu There are nearly 1 million open tech jobs in the U.S., and they’re lucrative. A 2019 report from iCIMS, a recruitment software provider, says app software developers are the most sought-after tech workers, making up nearly one-third of all tech openings. Workers in this role earn a mean annual salary of $108,080, […]

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What Is Recruitment? Definition, Process, Techniques, Metrics and Strategies


By Prarthana Ghosh Recruitment is the end-to-end process of effectively and efficiently sourcing, screening, selecting, and appointing the best-suited candidate to the right role. This entails not only filling in vacancies but also predicting talent requirements and proactively managing talent. For example, with succession planning becoming an effective practice across sectors, especially for senior executives, […]

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5 Benefits Of Introducing Tech In HR


By Pallavi Jha, During the last couple of years, venture capitalists and private equity players have invested more than $1.87 billion in companies that make HR and workforce-related software. From cloud-based software to building entirely new infrastructure, companies are investing heavily in HR technology. The massive disruption that machine learning and automation has caused has […]

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Top 8 Recruitment Channels and How Technology Can Help


by Marianne Chrisos Technology can be an incredible tool for your recruitment team. In fact, most people are connected to their job search or employer they currently work for through an app or an internet job board. Using technology to spread your job listing is not only a popular way to get relevant applicants but […]

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Indian Government reforms on the way: single National Recruitment Agency

online recruitment

The Centre is likely to soon finalise and announce a single National Recruitment Agency for recruitment to all Group C and D posts in the government, bring all government training institute under one overarching Training department and usher in a unified single foundation course for entrants to All India services. ET has gathered that the […]

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How Do Recruiters Get Paid?


By Brian O’Connell Good corporate hires don’t happen in a vacuum. Usually, there’s a talented job recruiter behind a quality hire. When a business has a big position to fill, they automatically need a hiring professional who can write and place employment ads, reach out to and vet qualified candidates, conduct interviews, and make and […]

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Build Vs. Buy: The Days Of Hiring Scarce Technical Skills Are Over

build vs buy

By Josh Bersin For years leaders have grown their companies by issuing the demand “go out and hire someone who knows how to do this!” This approach leads HR departments and hiring managers to retain expensive recruiting firms, spend millions of dollars on recruitment advertising, and often hire expensive sources to try to “steal” great […]

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How recruiters and technology are shaping future teams


By Adrie Smith, head of content and branding, Recruitee Recruiters are some of the busiest people around. And while connecting candidates with companies and helping people make major career decisions should be rewarding, the time spent on administrative tasks is crippling. It is no wonder that recruitment and HR are considered tired, back-office functions when […]

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Why Recruitment Is Key To Your Digital Transformation

morris frank recruitment

Written by Zoe Morris, In previous years, a retailer with an IT team or bespoke software behind it would be seen as something of an oddity, unless they were a large High Street chain. Now, even small businesses are seeing the benefits that a digital platform can bring and are investing in solutions that can […]

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Jobpal pockets $2.7M for its enterprise recruitment chatbot

Berlin-based recruitment chatbot startup Jobpal has closed a €2.5 million (~$2.7M) seed round of funding from InReach Ventures and Acadian Ventures. The company, which was founded back in 2016, has built a cross-platform chatbot to automate candidate support and increase efficiency around hiring by applying machine learning and natural language processing for what it dubs […]

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What Your Company Needs for a High Recruitment Process


Recruitment is a time-consuming aspect of running a business, but with the right steps and tools in place, it can be effective and efficient. The good news is that almost every recruitment process can be broken down to the core steps to ensure that both staff and applicants benefit. A Clear View of What is […]

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Are You Hiring or Recruiting?


By Komal Dangi If you’re a talent management professional, you already know just how important it is to get the right candidate in the right way. Though it may seem inconsequential at first glance, clarifying the difference between hiring and recruiting processes can, in fact, help you make the best choice for your organization. When […]

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7 Proven Techniques for Hiring Employees in Tech


By Tom Winter The technical skills gap is constantly widening, and the US unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2011. Moreover, the tech skills shortage is at an all-time high according to the 2019 CIO Survey. Given these pressures, hiring a highly-skilled developer often feels like striking gold. The future doesn’t look any brighter, […]

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