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Programmer, back-end developer or system consultant: Which tech jobs are the hardest to fill?


By Steve Ranger Software engineers, senior programmers and back-end developers are among the tech professionals that are the hardest to recruit. techrepublic cheat sheet Over half of job ads for eight tech roles including systems consultants, senior technology consultants and senior back-end developers remain unfilled for at least two months, according to recruitment website Indeed. […]

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By David Soffer, Europe’s leading selective recruitment provider for software developers today announced it has launched the only online recruitment platform dedicated to technology contractors. The platform accelerates the time to hire for both contractors and recruiters by providing access to the largest community of pre-qualified software developer contractors across Europe. The technology recruitment […]

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These 4 recruitment tips will help your startup build the perfect team


By Tero Seppala When your startup starts to grow, one of the first challenges you face is recruiting more hands to cope with the growing amount of work. For my current startup, our founding team has a combined 15 years of experience recruiting top talent and 15 years of running a startup. Not bad, right? […]

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Why including video in your job board posting is crucial if you’re trying to hire students and recent grads


By Steven Rothberg In a tight job market, small- to mid-size employers often need to work harder to attract top talent. Video could be your secret weapon! Consider this: Video gives candidates a better glimpse into your organization. They can determine whether they’re a good fit with your culture, your expectations and the position. Consider […]

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5 Ways SMEs are Benefited by Using HR Software


By Karan Jain Automation of recruitment with the aid of an HR software helps recruiters select the required individuals accurately Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) usually want to grow and penetrate into new markets. Having a great idea and a robust business model are 2 ways SMEs can improve their chances of meeting these aspirations. […]

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Top Trends in the Recruitment Industry in 2019


By Saul Rosen If you have learned anything from your experience in the recruitment industry over the last couple of years, you would have understood that the candidates have been receiving an upper hand when compared to the scenario in the initial days of the industry. It has actually become a market driven by the […]

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The Entrepreneur Teaching Travelers How To Enjoy A Global Career While On The Move


By Alison Coleman Keen traveler Michael Swigunski has seen more of the world than most, visiting and working in over 70 countries in the last eight years alone. While many people are forced to choose between traveling and focusing on their career, he has managed to combine both. As the founder of Global Career, a […]

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Automation, AI and blockchain: Three technologies transforming the recruitment industry


By Nick Woodward When it comes to innovation, businesses are well aware of the revolutionary impact that technology is having. In recent years, we’ve seen much-hyped industry concepts transform into solid use cases, which are now being developed for the needs of specific sectors. One industry where technology is really starting to change the game […]

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Bridging the Gap Between Recruiting Technology and Results


In their continued effort to improve clients’ recruiting results, Haley Marketing, the largest website development, social and recruitment marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, just announced new technology partnerships with Jobcase, neuvoo, Resume-Library and Adzuna. In an extremely tight talent market, these alliances make it easier for staffing and recruiting firms […]

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The Future of Recruitment


Technology is empowering recruitment agencies to work smarter than ever before, reacting to constant changes. But it’s a crowded market – so which trends should your business be paying attention to? Our whitepaper on ‘The Future of Recruitment’ looks at key sector influences, and the technology enabling change for recruiters. Download your copy to discover: […]

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10 Tips on Improving Your Recruitment Strategy in 2019


By Harry Southworth As the unemployment rate drops, recruitment in today’s environment is becoming tougher. Getting the right employees with a skill set that suits your needs is undoubtedly more difficult. There’s been a noticeable shift in how people market their business and people are looking for their next job in places that they may […]

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Hire Fast, Fire Fast: New Strategies For Competitive Marketing Job Markets


By Jennifer Davis Building a customer-centric enterprise relies on employees building relationships, acting on insights and growing alongside the needs of customers. Underlying this is an assumption that marketing teams have the personnel they need and that they are up to the task. In today’s competitive job market, companies are changing their approach in order […]

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Three recruitment marketing trends that will dominate 2019


By Kristina Marti? In order to predict the state of the recruitment industry in 2019, let’s start by a quick recapitulation of the key recruitment challenges in 2018. According to Glassdoor, 76% of hiring managers reported that attracting top talent was their greatest challenge in 2018. This finding comes as no surprise considering that US […]

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15% of job seekers now land a job through social media


By Macy Bayern Nearly 15% of job seekers today use social media to find their next job, according to a Clutch survey released on Wednesday. Depending on the industry, employers focus on different social media platforms when recruiting, the survey found. For example, more creative or visual industries typically look to Instagram, while more traditional […]

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Software to Check People Before Recruitment


BY Melissa Thompson A crucial part of recruitment is to check people ahead of any potential hire and in doing so you can find out a huge amount of information about the candidate. There is a lot of software available on the market which can support you in doing this and here are the best […]

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Top 5 most competitive industries of 2019

Recruiting software

Momentum in the recruitment industry is shifting in 2019. From a high volume of employers fighting for the top candidates – to a high volume of candidates fighting for the best roles. Having more candidates this year, however, doesn’t mean employers will have it easy filling in vacancies. New research suggests employers will only have […]

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Social media for recruitment faces a human glitch


By Patrick Thibodeau Employee referral software can use social media for recruitment to find connections between existing employees and the people they know, but there’s a human glitch: The employees don’t always want to do it. Employees are less likely to refer a job candidate in a similar field if the candidates are seen as […]

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Recruitment requirements in 2019 to attract top talent


Every changing year brings new requisites in the recruitment industry and 2019 is no different. To beat the substantial competition in recruitment and stay ahead, you need to grasp and instigate the latest trends as soon as possible. The hiring process has been changed over the years, involving technology, marketing trends and strategies based on […]

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Small Business Guide to Recruiting Etiquette


By Kayla Harrison, Small Business Guide to Recruiting Etiquette It’s easy for big companies to attract talent with brand names, effective marketing strategies and employee benefits. There comes a challenge for small businesses when they search for new hires. However, these businesses can draw in job seekers with unique features, high values and a positive […]

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Are Your Recruiting Coordinators Brand Ambassadors or Scheduling Assistants?


Your recruiting coordinators are the front-line troops of your talent acquisition operation and shepherd candidates through your interviewing and hiring process. To the talent you’re trying to attract, recruiting coordinators are a trusted contact who can assist in learning more about your company and opportunity. Until a candidate accepts your offer and joins your team, […]

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