Attract Candidates, Don’t Just Track Them


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By Joanne McDonagh

It is safe to say with the amount of statics out there, recruitment marketing is not a fad.

That being said, there is still a reasonably sized group of professionals in the recruitment industry that don’t realise the difference between an ATS and recruitment marketing software.

Often thinking that they have to choose one over the other, or, obtain an additional budget in order to acquire the missing piece. The reality is there are many 2 in 1 platforms that offer both and will not only save you time with your recruitment but will save you money. Even though many a professional may think that an ATS is the solution to all of their hiring challenges this really isn’t the case.
ATS vs. Recruitment Marketing platform

An ATS allows you to track your candidates throughout your recruitment process from the initial application stage. However, one of the biggest pains today in recruitment is actually attracting quality candidates. In order to do this, you must lead them through the stages of their candidate journey: awareness, consideration, and interest. This is where recruitment marketing comes into action.Recruitment marketing allows employers to showcase their employer brand and create a dual recruitment & marketing strategy to help attract talent and bring their process to life. An ATS then comes into play allowing you to streamline your candidate selection and process and bulk up your talent pool.

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