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Why Job Boards Led All of 2018 Global HR Tech VC


By Peter Weddle Job boards raised a staggering USD 961 million in venture capital in 78 funding deals globally during 2018, according to our latest HRWins research and VC reporting. Led by massive rounds for China’s Maimai (USD 200M), and the U.S.’s ZipRecruiter ($156M) and ScoutExchange ($100 million), the job board tech category eclipsed even […]

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Chatbots Talk Up the Value of Job Boards


by Peter Weddle, The Job Board Journalist Chatbots bring a powerful new dimension to the acquisition of talent. They can improve the candidate experience by answering questions, providing information and personalizing the application process. That certainly makes them useful to employers, but what about job boards? Can they do anything that would be helpful to […]

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The Winning Value Proposition for Job Boards

job boards

By Peter Weddle, TAtech.org The critics see job boards as sites that simply repurpose old fashioned classified advertising on the web. Oh sure, they charge, job postings “look” different than their print cousins, but basically, they’re the same – an ad for an open job described with information only an employer could love – requirements […]

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Four Dynamics of Today’s Job Board Industry


By Peter Weddle Today’s job board industry is being shaped by four powerful dynamics. The dictionary defines a dynamic as “a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.” These forces are both altering our present – recasting it into something different from what we have known even in the recent past […]

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What Killed Print Classifieds & Why Should Job Boards Care?

job boards

By Peter Weddle of TAtech – The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions Newspapers used to rake in billions of dollars a year with their Help Wanted classifieds. Now they don’t. Why? Why were some of the most powerful media on the planet unable to hang onto their recruitment advertising customers? Hint – it wasn’t the […]

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