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Category Archives: Hiring

How this investment banker turned entrepreneur is helping startups find the right talent


By Thimmaya Poojary Startups are all about hustle and energy as they are generally on a rapid growth path. In such a scenario, the key pillar which makes all the difference is the human resource (HR) element. Connexio, founded by Saurabh Jain wants to help startups find the right talent. The Singapore and India-based executive […]

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How FlexiBees is Helping Startups Hire Affordable Talent During the Pandemic


FlexiBees, a talent match platform, tackles a two-pronged problem as it assists businesses hire experienced talent and enables women to re-enter the workforce The startup, at present, has a talent pool of 27K+ professional women and has catered to more than 250 companies Shreya Prakash, cofounder of FlexiBees, says, “Many businesses have hired part-time and […]

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Four things NOT to do when hiring marketers for an early-stage startup


Recruiting marketing specialists has always been challenging for early-stage companies. How can a founder, especially one without a business background, ensure that a newly hired marketer will achieve business targets? Will a performance marketer waste lots of the budget on inefficient social media channels? What is the probability that a content manager will post something […]

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