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List of Job Boards

Job Boards

A Job board is a website that deals with jobs and employment sector. In a Job Board employers post job requirements for a position to be filled and candidates apply for jobs Benefit of a Job Board is that it allows employers and jobseekers to get in touch with each other A Job Board can […]

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The 16 Best Job Search Engines in 2019

job search engines

If you’re searching for a job, LinkedIn is the unicorn standout — but it’s also not the only game in town. There are quite a few job search engines to help you make your next career move. You can take advantage of Google for Jobs, Facebook Job Search, and so many more. Here, we’ve rounded […]

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Looking For A Job? Maximise Your Search With These Sites


By Bryan Smyth From time to time, everyone will likely be on the lookout for a new job. They may be out of work and looking to get back in, or they could even fancy a career change, whatever the reason there’s always help at hand. One of the finest tools to use when it […]

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How can you take advantage of online job boards?

job boards

By Ashley Bryan Although sliced bread comes first, it can be argued that the internet is one of the most important inventions of the modern age. The internet has drastically changed how we do things, from how we socialise and make friends to how we earn and spend money. You can probably list the few […]

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The Winning Value Proposition for Job Boards

job boards

By Peter Weddle, TAtech.org The critics see job boards as sites that simply repurpose old fashioned classified advertising on the web. Oh sure, they charge, job postings “look” different than their print cousins, but basically, they’re the same – an ad for an open job described with information only an employer could love – requirements […]

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How To Leverage Job Boards During Your Job Hunt

job board

By Laurence Bradford – learntocodewith.me When most of us start job hunting, we all head to the same place: a job search engine like Indeed, Monster, SimplyHired, industry-specific job boards, and others. But when you’re using these sites, there’s a better way to search than obsessively clicking “refresh” every 30 seconds. In this article, you’ll […]

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Job Boards Aren’t Dead, Just Changing

job boards

Jessica Nettleton of Decision Toolbox No doubt you have heard doomsayers predicting the death of job boards. You also likely realize that the boards are still an important part of a diversified recruitment strategy. However, while the boards may not be dying, the landscape definitely is changing. If you are responsible for recruitment strategy ROI, […]

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What does 2017 hold for job boards?

job boards

Nice article by Tess Taylor @HRKnows1 When Randstad announced its intended purchase of Monster.com, one of the biggest job boards out there, a shudder went through the entire recruitment industry. Speculations ran rampant on Twitter. Since Monster and its ilk have provided a means to get in front of millions of job seekers at once, […]

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How Do You Measure The Effectiveness Of A Job Board?

job board

Recruitment advertising is a funny old business. You put together your best job advert, stick it up on a jobs board and then cross your fingers that the job board promotes it across the industry and the right candidates apply. Read More: http://www.business2community.com/human-resources/employers-measure-effectiveness-job-board-0884349#!QE9QZ

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Facing the Rise of Counterfeit Job Boards

Job Boards

By Manuel Francisci, CEO jobWings Careers, Inc. Now that we are evolving into a mature industry, we all have to face an excess supply of competition willing to discount or to play the Freemium game. The technical challenge and financial cost of launching a job board served for many years as initial entry barriers to […]

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Job Board Financials – A Mixed Bag Even for LinkedIn

job boards

by John Zappe By any measure, the first quarter was a mixed bag for the employment advertising business. The three public companies — Monster, Dice, and LinkedIn, all reported numbers that in some way didn’t hit what Wall Street investors were expecting or wanted. Read More: http://www.ere.net/2014/05/01/job-board-financials-a-mixed-bag-even-for-linkedin/

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Job Board Marketing

search jobs

Just having a jobsite alone will not help you in having a visible Internet Presence. You need very specific Internet marketing tools to help you attract and communicate with new jobseekers, employers & clients on a regular basis to ensure your business is a success and grows rapidly. Some of Marketing & Search Engine Optimization […]

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Must have features in a Job Board


Job boards are web applications that assist recruitment for companies on the Internet. It is an evolution of normal offline or brick and mortar recruitment process to IT based systems. A basic Job Board commonly has Jobseeker, Recruiter, Resources and Admin section. Some necessary features of Job Boards are: 1] Jobseeker Process and Account Management […]

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