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Robots hiring humans: new research reveals the importance of striking the balance in the hiring process


New research into job-seeker attitudes to digitization, automation and AI in the recruitment process has revealed how job-seekers are cheating recruitment technology platforms, to better their chances of landing a job. Seven in ten (67%) job seekers admitted to deliberately using optimization strategies to improve their chances of getting a job. The study, Hiring Humans […]

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Now, companies are deploying robots to decode CVs


As robots tread their way into every industry from hotels to healthcare, how could human resources (HR) and recruitment remain far behind? With automation gradually seeping into various levels within organisations, resumes are getting increasingly scanned by robots, or rather specialised applicant tracking systems (ATS). According to TopResume.com, a leading global resume service provider, about […]

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Robots are SPYING on social media to assess job candidates


By Harry Pettit, ROBOTS spying on your social media profiles could stop you from getting your dream job. Recruitment AI used by companies to pick out applicants scans your posts for signs you might not be right for the role. Known as DeepSense, the tool assesses your personality based on your online activity – even […]

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Job Postings of the Future: High EQ Wanted, Must Play Nice with Robots


By Beth Kowitt There is a paradox that lies at the heart of running a workforce in the 21st century: Employers must be just as focused on fostering talent that has high emotional intelligence as they are on developing employees who know how to build and work with robots. “EQ will have IQ for breakfast,” […]

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Four Jobs That Robots Will Never Steal From Us


Nice Article By Cassidy Rush of PayScale We all know that the robots are coming for our jobs. But there are still a lot of jobs out there that technology can’t replace, no matter how advanced it gets. These kinds of jobs require a real human element, and are also a safe bet if you’re […]

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