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10 promising European HR startups to watch in 2020


By Bojana Trajkovska In the last decade, the job market has embraced many employment trends, from the importance of continuous professional learning, to the evolution of recruitment tools. With millennials on the rise, emerging technologies and the growing gig economy, the concept of traditional work is no longer the same, and consequently, HR professionals need […]

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Funding rounds for chatbot, coding school and Pickr; Fiverr expands; software acquisition

Recruiting software

Chatbot maker Paradox announced a series A funding round of US $13.3 million. Hungary-based Coding school Codecool also announced a funding round as did UK-based online staffing firm Pickr. Human cloud platform Fiverr announced a European expansion. And The Access Group acquired Volcanic, a CMS provider for the recruitment industry. Here’s more on the developments: […]

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Startups of disruption: employment and human resources


By Jeffrey Kitt If ever there were industries primed for disruption, employment and human resources would have to somewhere near the top of the list. There are so many elements of each industry which require unnecessary manual work: from payrolls to referrals to recruiting to training and management processes. Automation and artificially intelligent solutions are […]

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Renowned African Incubator MEST Celebrates 10 Years With $700,000 Investment


By Toby Shapshak, To celebrate its 10th anniversary of investing in African tech startups, the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) has announced seven companies who will receive $700,000 in funding. MEST was one of the earliest tech incubators in Africa, having started an entrepreneurial school in Accra, Ghana, in 2008. MEST is part of […]

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What makes recruitment start-ups stumble?


by: Barney Cotton We all know the statistics show that lots of start-ups fail. Even the relatively optimistic Small Business Association puts the figure at 30% in the first year. Consider these fatal flaws for recruitment start ups. They’re the ‘ins’ to leave out of your planning. Inadequate funding It’s not just about not having […]

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