Job Wrapping Software

Majority of hiring these days happen from online Job Boards and career sites. This number has been increasing yearly and it is a strong indicator of the importance of job boards in today’s job market.

Furthermore, the recruitment process is also faster and easier when jobs are posted on job boards because job boards offer recruiters the option of automatically filtering out unsuitable resumes. For both job seekers and recruiters, jobs posted on job boards are more convenient to work with.

A successful job board is one where any job seeker can visit and get current openings in any career area. This is made possible by high quality of jobs. A job board can be setup using a Job Board Software.

Job wrapping is the process whereby jobs are extracted from ATS or employer sites, converted to the right format, and posted on a job board database.

The importance of a great job wrapping software cannot be overemphasized as it greatly increases the convenience of maintaining a job board and keeps the board relevant.

Features of Job Wrapping Software

If you are launching your job board website or you have your job board online already and lack of jobs has been a source of frustration for you.

  • Automate job wrapping from different career sites to your job board in one go.
  • Export jobs that have been wrapped in a CSV file for easy integration into any system.
  • Apart from the automated job wrapping feature, it also offers the option to import jobs from CSV files.
  • A comprehensive report that makes monitoring and tracking the activities on the site

Benefits of Job Wrapping Software

Job Board wrapping software is a software that is about to revolutionize the job board market by introducing jobs data base that is easily adaptable to any type of job board and straightforward to use.

How Job Wrapping works?

You can wrap jobs in 5 easy steps
One of the biggest selling points of Job Wrapping Service is that it makes the process of wrapping jobs from various career sites as seamless as possible. So, job wrapping doesn’t have to be a manual process anymore.

In 5 simple steps, you can import jobs using the software.

First, log into the site using your email and password
Job Wrap Login

After login, you will be redirected to the dashboard page where you see menus like dashboard, sites, reports, and settings.
Next, click on the ‘sites’ menu.

Click on any of the dropdown options for fetching the jobs.

At the moment, the software offers a limited number of sites, but more sites are scheduled to be added in no time

Click on the ‘import jobs’ button to fetch new jobs.

Click ‘submit’ to submit the form.
Job wrap software

The software team has put in conscious effort to make the interface quite intuitive, such that no training is required to be able to navigate the software leading to an unmatched turnaround time.

Job wrapping module Interacts with different career sites and the statistics for these different sites can be viewed and retrieved easily from the ‘reports’ menu.

The element that makes job boards what they are in the jobs that they contain. Apart from all the fancy features and functionalities that make a job board work, the quality of jobs they contain is even of higher priority. Therefore, job board owners and managers must use a job wrapping software and strive to maintain the high quality of jobs.