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Prepare for Hiring Success in 2020


The success of an organization depends upon its employees. The organization that has a robust recruitment process has the right direction to move into. Without any doubt, we all know that nowadays, recruitment requires automation. Technology is empowering recruiters with new directions to find quality talent. Traditional methods of recruitment have taken a backseat with […]

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How to Improve Your Hiring Process


By Komal Dangi It is important to spend time refining your hiring process to ensure you are bringing aboard the best candidates, Recruiting is time-consuming and expensive, so it’s no surprise that staffing managers and talent management professionals are on the lookout for tips and tricks to ease the process while maintaining effectiveness. Read More: […]

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AI Hiring Could Mean Robot Discrimination Will Head to Courts


By Chris, As companies turn to artificial intelligence for help making hiring and promotion decisions, contract negotiations between employers and vendors selling algorithms are being dominated by an untested legal question: Who’s liable when a robot discriminates? The predictive strength of any algorithm is based at least in part on the information it is fed […]

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Technological Advancements Needed for Better Hiring Process


By Srikanth Hiring in India needs to be aligned with hiring practices in developed countries. In developed countries hiring has been transformed by technology. Technology has made hiring seamless, fluid, and free from friction. Gone is the ambiguity many job applicants faced before considering whether they were suitable for a position, software grants them insights […]

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Why Data Matters When It Comes to Reducing Time to Hire


By Maren Hogan, We find that sometimes, the issues that plague people in talent acquisition are really, really hard to solve. But there’s one problem that we brought on ourselves. In fact, technology is what created the issue in the first place, if you think about it. I’m talking about time to hire. Time to […]

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Hiring Developers? 5 Top Tips to Recruit and Retain a Good Team


By Aaron Horst “Rather than shaming your team when a bug or defect is found, establish a system where developers chip in a buck or two to a common fund (we call ours a ‘bug jar’)” Hiring developers can be as frustrating as pinpointing a post-release software bug and as time-consuming as writing a requirement […]

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11 hiring process best practices to improve recruitment


By Eric St-Jean The recruitment process continues to be a significant challenge for many companies. Organizations experience several issues, such as manual and ineffective processes, a limited talent pool and HR systems that do not meet expectations. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach, there are some hiring process best practices that can make recruiting easier. […]

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How to Prevent Great Hires From Getting Away


By Emily Canal In today’s tight labor market, if you don’t take care of qualified job applicants, your competitors will. With unemployment at historic lows–it stood at 4.0 percent in January–losing qualified candidates to other companies can be a particularly costly setback. One way to set your company apart from the competition is to rethink […]

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How to Find Qualified Candidates

g2 crowd

By Courtney Moran You’re a hiring manager and you’ve got work to do: Hire the most qualified talent for the job. You’ve gotten the necessary approval to hire a new team members, and now you need to follow a plan to find them. Your first step will be to craft a clear and compelling job […]

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A shortage of tech workers led this company to start recruiting in middle school

Recruiting Automation

By Kathryn Vasel, CNN Business For Ohio-based software company Hyland, the recruiting process starts in middle school. When the business first launched more than two decades ago, hiring was tough. It was hard to find local workers with the necessary skill sets to fill open positions. “There wasn’t a ready-made workforce for us when we […]

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Hiring Poses Many Challenges But at Least Some Can Be Fixed With Technology


By Anand Srinivasan In his article about the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face, Entrepreneur.com contributor Larry Alton lists “team building” as one of the most significant hurdles. He points out that picking the right team for a startup is quite stressful, even for those with considerable management experience. This is all the more challenging when you […]

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How tech has changed recruitment

recruitment trends

From recruiting for new jobs to employing staff to manage and control the new technology, here are three ways tech has changed the recruitment sector. Whether it’s developing cloud-based innovations or putting operating systems in place to automate basic roles, there is no doubt that technology has a massive impact on the workplace. From recruiting […]

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Competing For Critical Talent

critical talent

Prevent critical talent shortages from impacting business performance. The demand for skilled talent to fill roles deemed as critical to business success is outstripping the available supply. Learn how adopting a market-driven sourcing strategy can drive business growth by enabling your organization to better compete for critical talent. Download the Complimentary Whitepaper http://recruiter.tradepub.com/free/w_cord84/?p=w_cord84

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5 Digital Tactics to Help Land Your First Post-Grad Job


By Bob Myhal For college graduates, the reality of finding a job has never been more imminent. There’s a bright side for this generation’s grads: The number of smart digital tools and technology resources at your fingertips is increasing by the day. Check out these digital tactics that can help secure introductions, interviews and the […]

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Everybody Knows How to Hire


Nice Article by – Tim Sackett That’s all of us and our hiring managers who claim we are ‘great’ at hiring, yet have no concrete measures to back up this assertion.   We also allow ourselves to ignore what our data is telling us, if we don’t believe it fits the story we want to tell. […]

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Manufacturers plan recruitment boom


Survey shows improving economic conditions in eurozone and rising customer demand fuelling optimism in sector. Manufacturers are planning to hire workers at the fastest rate in more than a decade in the coming months, as recovery in Britain’s factories becomes more firmly entrenched, giving the chancellor, George Osborne, some positive news before Wednesday’s budget. Read […]

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