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What Is Recruitment? Definition, Process, Techniques, Metrics and Strategies


By Prarthana Ghosh Recruitment is the end-to-end process of effectively and efficiently sourcing, screening, selecting, and appointing the best-suited candidate to the right role. This entails not only filling in vacancies but also predicting talent requirements and proactively managing talent. For example, with succession planning becoming an effective practice across sectors, especially for senior executives, […]

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Unilever saves money, human hours using artificial intelligence

ai unilever

The AI system being used by the London-based business has replaced human recruiters with the AI system. The company has also saved 100,000 hours of human recruitment time in 2018 by using AI to analyse video interviews, the Guardian reported. The technology scans graduate candidates’ body language, word choice, facial expressions, and checks them against […]

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Why recruiters need to expand their reach


By Stuart Gentle Fuelled by surging rates of new market entrants, the maturity and saturation of established sourcing channels have eroded competitive advantages previously offered by mainstream technology solutions. More users on common commercial platforms has led to more ‘noise’, spiking volumes of recruiter activity, job announcements and candidate outreach which make it harder for […]

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Jobpal pockets $2.7M for its enterprise recruitment chatbot

Berlin-based recruitment chatbot startup Jobpal has closed a €2.5 million (~$2.7M) seed round of funding from InReach Ventures and Acadian Ventures. The company, which was founded back in 2016, has built a cross-platform chatbot to automate candidate support and increase efficiency around hiring by applying machine learning and natural language processing for what it dubs […]

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Top 15 Open Source CRM Software


Open Source software is software in which the source code is released under a license in which the software developer grants users the rights to modify the software code. CRM Software is business software that enables a company to store contacts, convert leads, manage sales pipeline and close deals. Some of the most popular CRM […]

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6 Ways Technology Simplifies Recruitment and Onboarding


by Marianne Chrisos Technology has been enhancing business processes since the first use of the assembly line. Modern technology continues to change and much of it enables businesses to grow. With the competition for the best talent high in the tech industry, it’s important to use every advantage to ensure your success. A better recruitment […]

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What Is Candidate Management? Definition, Relationship Management, and Best Practices


By Sushman Biswas Candidate management is a recruitment strategy aimed at building and sustaining relationships with job seekers to improve recruiting outcomes and enhance the employer brand. Here’s a look at all that you need to know about candidate management. In the era of instant food deliveries and one-click shopping, a long-drawn-out recruitment process is […]

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40 Online Resources All Women in Tech Careers Should Know About


By Esther Schindler Women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers can often feel isolated at work if they don’t have a lot of other female colleagues. Fortunately, the internet has more ways for women in tech to connect than ever before. Here are just 40 examples. Women who aim to get ahead in […]

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Google Vows To Help You Work From Home With New Filter


By Anam Hamid The world’s most popular search engine, Google, is already used by many people around the world to look for jobs. Since sifting through results could be quite cumbersome, the search giant has now announced that it has refined its job search options. The new features are basically aimed at people looking for […]

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Workforce WindsorEssex launches ‘region’s largest job board’


Workforce WindsorEssex has launched a massive online job board that collects local, provincial and national postings in one place. The WEjobs board, available in more than 100 languages, automatically aggregates job postings from 14 other job boards. “WEjobs board is a great addition to our comprehensive job search tools,” said executive director Michelle Suchiu. “Like […]

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Training software firm Learning Technologies seals US push with deal worth up to $30m


By Natasha Bernal Learning Technologies Group (LTG), an AIM-listed provider of staff training software, has bought US human resources business Breezy in a deal worth up to $30m (£23m). The deal, LTG’s latest in a string of acquisitions, will help it meet its goal to achieve earnings of at least £55m by the end of […]

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For some HR teams, mobile recruiting offers a real edge


Mobile devices are now a recruiting tool — one that should not be taken for granted. HR managers who have adopted a mobile recruiting practice said it can deliver tangible benefits that can make all the difference in attracting quality candidates. They are turning to text messaging, iPads and QR barcodes, and they are designing […]

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PharmiWeb Launches New Job Board – PharmiWeb.Jobs


PharmiWeb’s hugely successful Job Board was originally launched in 1999, and has grown to become Europe’s biggest Niche Pharma Job Board. The Job Board has now been relaunched on it’s own platform and new dedicated URL – PharmiWeb.Jobs. This means that the site will be even more focused on the needs of candidates, recruiters and […]

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15% of job seekers now land a job through social media


By Macy Bayern Nearly 15% of job seekers today use social media to find their next job, according to a Clutch survey released on Wednesday. Depending on the industry, employers focus on different social media platforms when recruiting, the survey found. For example, more creative or visual industries typically look to Instagram, while more traditional […]

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Referral Recruiting: 10 Employee Referral Strategies


By Veronica Feldmeier Building a talented team is a never-ending process. Qualified candidates are hard to come by in today’s market. This is, in part, thanks to the historically low unemployment rate. Fortunately for hiring managers, there is a simple recruitment strategy to improve the quality and quantity of candidates: Turn all of your employees […]

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Software to Check People Before Recruitment


BY Melissa Thompson A crucial part of recruitment is to check people ahead of any potential hire and in doing so you can find out a huge amount of information about the candidate. There is a lot of software available on the market which can support you in doing this and here are the best […]

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4 Easy Ways to Millennial-Proof Your Human Resources Strategy


By Heidi Lynne Kurter As the largest generation in the workforce, millennials are turning the workplace upside down and requiring human resources to redefine their role. Technology plays an important part more than ever and it’s changing the type of people hired and how they’re recruited. The future of HR is now. The longer HR […]

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Social media for recruitment faces a human glitch


By Patrick Thibodeau Employee referral software can use social media for recruitment to find connections between existing employees and the people they know, but there’s a human glitch: The employees don’t always want to do it. Employees are less likely to refer a job candidate in a similar field if the candidates are seen as […]

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What will be new in HR – 2019


The HR industry is undergoing major changes and developments in technology and how we view employees. The expectation from the companies are growing rapidly, and HR departments are striving to retain employees and improve the working culture. The HR sector has a whole new world of possibility to explore reporting and recruiting software, managing employee […]

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