Online Interview Software

All-in-one Recruitment solution that combines Video Interviewing,
Online Assessment and Test Software

Online Interview Software

A new way to hire and manage talent

More than 500 of the world’s best organizations use our job board software

Online Interview

  • Helps you find the best candidates for your job openings
  • Assess candidates in a way that’s predictive of performance
  • Create and manage tests from anywhere
Online Interview Software

Online Interview Software

Video Interview

Video interviewing helps you find, screen, and hire the best talent for your company

  • Get a sense of candidate’s personality
  • Watch candidate live in action and get to know them better
  • Save time and money on traditional hiring methods

Online Assessment

Simple user interface that makes it easy to create and design your questions in minutes

  • Eliminate bias by providing a platform for everyone to be heard
  • lets you create tests quickly and easily, without any coding skills
  • You can also use pre-built templates to make things even easier
Online Interview Software

Online Interview Software

Online Test

Online test software that allows you to create and administer tests, quizzes, and MCQ’s

  • Display Test scores on the screen for employers to see
  • Conduct Test anywhere at anytime
  • Accessible from any device, mobile friendly

Pre Recorded Video Interview

Conduct Video interviews without the hassle of in-person meetings

  • Get insights into candidates’ personalities and skills
  • Interview candidates remotely
  • Record a video resume and store it for future reference
Online Interview Software

Benefits of Online Interview Software

Quicker Hiring Process

Save time by cutting out the interview process and get straight to hiring with our video interviewing software.

Less Interviews, More Candidates

We help you save time by conducting more interviews in less time with our video interviewing software.

Hire with confidence

We make it easy for you to identify qualified candidates by providing insights into their skills, experience, and personality. Recruitment software can help recruiters streamline processes, save time, and improve productivity.
It can help recruiters find candidates faster, more easily manage the hiring process, conduct via interviews and manage candidate relationships.