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What will be new in HR – 2019


The HR industry is undergoing major changes and developments in technology and how we view employees. The expectation from the companies are growing rapidly, and HR departments are striving to retain employees and improve the working culture. The HR sector has a whole new world of possibility to explore reporting and recruiting software, managing employee data and social media at their fingertips.

India is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in Asia and the market is expected to show double-digit growth. Even the fintech industry in India is at a nascent stage but has been witnessing a steady growth. With such high digital penetration, niche skills are getting a lot of boosts and new avenues are opening for individuals.

The Indian government has been loosening ties with foreign investments and there is more opportunity for international brands to set up in India and work with the talent here. In turn opening job opportunities for the youth here and giving them exposure to working with international brands. The Indian government has been taking considerable measure and provide greater market access for foreign investors. Investments have been on the rise and the startup ecosystem also has been gaining steady pace. India is at an exciting stage and is ready to embrace new skills and talent that would eventually help in the growth of the Indian economy.

Onlooking the transformation in full swing, 2019 will be a year of refinement so that the companies’ strategies and philosophies run smoothly. With a host of new innovations & technological changes, recruiters can hope to welcome 2019 with an upturn of new HR Trends that are soon to hit the industry.

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