New College Grad Without A Job? Here’s How To Get To Work



You’ve worked hard and have crossed the finish line – congratulations! If you have a job lined up, nice work! If not, read on.

Four million newly minted college graduates will cross the stage in the U.S. this month, many without an offer of employment. If you were one of the fortunate ones, perhaps you landed a full-time gig from your summer internship or snagged a role through your university’s career center or job board.

However, if you’re still looking, don’t despair. Instead, try these:

Assess your market. Are you pursuing a particularly niche or possibly declining industry? Does your target market tend to hire seasonally? Do most people in this field have a particular credential or skill you don’t (yet) have? Figure out your obstacles and then set a plan to overcome them. You may need to get creative, take a stepping-stone role, or even volunteer your time to get the requisite contacts and skills, but it will be worth it when you get on the right career path.

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