More firms adopt AI-powered recruiting systems

An increasing number of companies here seek to adopt AI-powered recruiting systems designed to reduce the time for examining candidates’ resumes enabling them to interview them more objectively.

Developers of such systems said their systems will help human recruiters make more effective and fairer decisions in the recruitment process, but skepticism also abounds about the possibilities that decisions by machines could make unexpected victims.

On Monday, SK Group’s IT service unit SK C&C showcased a new human resources program that uses artificial intelligence technology, called “Aibril HR.”

The firm said it has formed a partnership with local recruitment service provider Scout to help clients simplify the process of reviewing resumes. Established in 1998, Scout has done recruitment business for major companies and institutes.

“Aibril HR will help human resources officers make more objective and effective choices,” said Kim Kyung-hwan, an official at SK C&C’s digital business division.

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