Facts That Might Surprise You About An Executive Job Search


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By Tammy Homegardner – Career Coach, LinkedIn Expert, Author and Founder of The Job Search School

As a career coach, I have worked with hundreds of executives who were seeking top-level positions. In analyzing the struggles that most of these executive job seekers had before coming to me for help, I found that there were only a handful of reasons this was happening.

But, let’s face it — landing a new executive role can be difficult. There aren’t as many of these positions available. It is difficult to find and talk with the hiring managers for these types of executive positions. Sometimes the top execs and board members can seem more guarded than Fort Knox.

The fact that executive job seekers all suffer from just a small number of the same issues in their job search may surprise you. Everyone feels that their situation is unique, and so one would think that the list of complications for the C-level job search would be endless. But, surprisingly enough, the reasons that potential candidates for executive positions were frustrated and struggling in their job searches keep coming back to just a handful of the same issues.

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