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7 Ways To Tackle HR Challenges In 2020


By Yogita Tulsiani
MD & Co-founder, iXceed Solutions (Global Tech-Recruiter Provider)

There was a time when recruiters placed a job description and anticipated that the vacant position will be filled spontaneously. However, in this time of talent confrontation, it has become tough to find the right candidate for the job.

Also, there are numerous challenges that recruiters face in the current set-up. As you embrace the beginning of a new decade, it is critical to understand that the Recruitment industry is expected to experience new challenges. Preparing yourself in advance is always a good idea to tackle some known and some unknown problems. This is mainly due to the ever-changing prerequisites of the job markets.

At this stage, it has become precarious to understand that the recruitment industry may experience new challenges in the coming days. Understanding that, it becomes imperative to know the trends that may be useful in confronting the recruitment challenges in the coming year.

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