How digital technologies are shaping the HR industry


A few years ago, when ‘digital’ entered the corporate lexicon and boardroom discussions, few knew or anticipated the far-reaching impact that it would create. Today, for organisations, it is no longer about preparing for digital or making a transition to a new of way of thinking and doing business and work.
It is now about harnessing the power of digital for competitive advantage, increasing market share, gaining share of the customer wallet, enhancing customer experience, improving an organisation’s processes and productivity.

It is also about leveraging digital to hire, engage, retain the best talent and building their skills for tomorrow.

Now that is where the Human Resources function comes into the picture. Traditionally, this function was viewed as paper-intensive, non-innovative functional area. When hit with the digital avalanche, most HR functions in the organization were slow to react.

Given that HR was deemed an internal function and that its systems and processes were separate from sales or operations, and their legacy systems had years of highly personal employee data, it wasn’t really a priority for the functional leadership or the organizational leadership to change in response to the advancement of digital technologies.

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