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What can an AI chatbot do for recruitment?


In an interview with Hari Krishna Morthala, Founder & CEO of Param.ai, we discuss how AI-enabled chatbots are re-defining the recruitment in the organizations.

In 1950, Alan Turing predicted that by the year 2000, computers would be able to pass off as a human during a text conversation. Last year in 2017, Gartner predicted that by 2021, 50 percent of organizations would spend a significant budget on chatbot creation and bots than on the traditional mobile application development.

Today’s recruiting software has simplified some of the most time-consuming aspects of talent acquisition, and is increasingly incorporating analytics that can make predictions about candidate fit and quality. Chatbots are one of the latest additions to the HR toolbox.

In this interview with Hari Krishna, we discuss the role of chatbots in recruitment and the future of recruitment:

Q: What inspired you to start Param.ai? What were the challenges you were trying to solve?

I spent close to 14 years in Talent Acquisition industry and worked with companies like Amazon, UnitedHealth Group, Oracle, IBM, etc. One of the challenges that were common across product development companies and services companies was that all the companies had large volumes of resumes in their Application Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems but manually filtering those resumes and mapping candidates to job openings from these systems was a very tedious task for recruiters. Finding qualified candidates from the large volume of the applicant pool and engaging them is the key to successful recruiting. This is where I felt that technology could play a key role in making the recruiters’ life easy. At Param, we are trying to automate resume screening through our smart algorithms and candidate engagement through our intelligent assistants.

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