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Chatbots Talk Up the Value of Job Boards


by Peter Weddle, The Job Board Journalist

Chatbots bring a powerful new dimension to the acquisition of talent. They can improve the candidate experience by answering questions, providing information and personalizing the application process. That certainly makes them useful to employers, but what about job boards? Can they do anything that would be helpful to them? Absolutely.

Chatbots are already familiar features in the online commercial marketplace. They help us find that perfect pair of running shoes, the best vacation package, a great car deal and even the right person to date. In fact, within the next three years, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse, at least that’s Gartner’s prediction.

According to Dr. John Sullivan, chatbots have been used in recruiting for over decade, but as all the chatter in the blogosphere makes clear, they are just now coming into vogue among employers. He describes the current generation of these applications as “Q&A chatbots” – bots with capabilities limited to answering candidate questions in a personalized and conversational way.


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