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Is the traditional Resume Dead


By Marianne Garvey

In a competitive job market, people are proving their skills instead of just listing them.

This guy wants to work at Spotify — so he’s spent 100 hours and $700 on a personal campaign telling them so.

John Jaxheimer, 42, was worried that his resume was destined for the recycle bin if he took the traditional route of applying without someone pulling for him on the inside. He applied online in January, after all, and didn’t get a response from the company until five months later.

So when he got the call in June telling him to “keep an eye on their job board,” he decided to draw on his branding talents from working in creative marketing at Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone to catch the company’s attention. He launched his “Dear Spotify” campaign this summer, using his own money to design, print and plaster more than 100 posters (in Spotify’s font and colors) near the company’s New York office, which feature song lyrics and hidden messages telling execs why they should hire him. Call it a guerrilla resumé.

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