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Career Switchers: Stop Waiting To Be Chosen


By Dawn Graham

Being in a job search can be anxiety-provoking, especially if you’re making a significant career change. Waiting for responses that never come, getting rejected before having the opportunity to present your case to a hiring manager, and feeling excited that you’ve found the perfect job only to lose out to a traditional candidate will make any career switcher want to give up.

Don’t—you’ve got this. And here’s the secret: You don’t have to wait to be chosen to start your career switch.

But it’s understandable why you might think you have to follow a process. The human brain seeks structure – a clear path with sequential guideposts that guarantee we arrive at our destination. And we’ve become a culture reliant on 24/7 access to GPS, so we’ve forgotten that we have the ability to reach our destination via a map of our own making.

This is causing frustration for job seekers who are pursuing unconventional job changes, while following conventional job search steps, such as applying online and waiting for a company to respond. These processes are losing momentum as new professional working structures grow in popularity.

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