India tech companies turn to AI-powered recruitment

When Mumbai-based technology company Directi was looking to hire 25 staff proficient in Node.js, a computer program, it turned to a startup called Belong in Bangalore.

Belong was able to field 99 candidates for the role, eventually filling all 25 posts thanks to a software program using artificial intelligence that found the best candidates from 90 different professional communities, forums and networks, even if they were not actively looking for a job.

With each successful job placement, the software improved at filtering and sorting appropriate profiles.
Combined with a smart platform that personalized each contact and follow-up communication, Belong was able to interest even passive job searchers in the opportunities at Directi.

Belong is one of several Indian startups that are bringing innovative recruiting methods to the human resources sector.
They are finding strong demand, especially from tech companies, which sometimes struggle to match up candidates with the right background and skills with the appropriate positions.

Founded in 2014, Belong now counts Cisco, Accenture, Flipkart, Myntra, Uber and ThoughtWorks among its clients. It raised $10 million early in 2017 in a funding round led by the Indian arm of Sequoia Capital, a U.S. venture fund.

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