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3 Keys to Recruiting: Collaboration, Friction-free Processes and Rapid Results


By Simon Oldham President, QJumpers In today’s hyper-competitive war for talent, a quick hiring process benefits all parties. Find out how by focusing on collaboration, putting friction-free processes in place and using technology, you can significantly shorten your time-to-hire A consistent theme in the world of talent acquisition is that it takes too much time […]

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How to solidify competitive advantage with technology


By Julie Dodd Attracting and retaining the best talent is a top priority for all organizations, so the best companies invest in advanced HR technologies to engage and support their people. Considering the high cost of replacing even a single valuable employee — up to twice their annual salary — it’s imperative that HR leaders […]

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Recruiting in the Digital Age: Must-have tools and tactics for HR


By Michael Overell, CEO and founder of RecruitLoop To remain competitive — and even pull ahead in your industry — it’s essential your HR department stays ahead of the digital curve. This is no easy task when it seems like new technology and tools pop up every other day. But if you can understand the […]

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