8 Tips For Choosing Applicant Tracking Software

By Kaya Ismail

Recruiting the right talent can help your company thrive, and data shows that the cost of a bad hire can cost your company big. That’s why over 75 percent of multinationals use applicant tracking software (ATS) to help streamline their recruitment process.
But with a plethora of ATS options to choose from, it’s difficult to pinpoint a solution that you’ll be glad you chose well after adoption.

To help organizations of all sizes choose the best applicant tracking software for them, we spoke to industry experts and practitioners who shared their top tips to keep in mind when selecting an ATS.

1. Get Recruiters Involved in Decision-Making

First and foremost, you need to get your recruiters involved in the decision-making process for choosing an ATS. Kim Smith, Content Marketer at GoodFirms shared that input from those who work in recruitment can prove to be extremely vital since they’ll be familiar with the “pain points” faced by the company during the hiring process.

2. Mobile Optimization

It’s critical that your chosen applicant tracking software solution is responsive, that’s according to Alaina Lynch, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at St. Petersburg, FL.-based The Penny Hoarder. Lynch explained that mobile responsive design is crucial for recruiters first and foremost.

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