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How this recruitment startup grew 400 pc


At the moment, a successful socio-economic picture for India Inc. essentially depends on mitigating the unemployment rate in the country, which has been the highest in 45 years. This year, India is projected to create around 16 lakh fewer formal jobs in the government and other low-paying sectors. Even the informal sector paints quite an abysmal picture, with the very chain of the untrained youth in the country picking up skill on-the-job getting disturbed.

But all is not lost. While battling one of the worst economic slowdowns and country-wide protests, certain governmental reforms, including a boost to upskilling and ease of doing business, have ensured that businesses have the right environment to flourish and create opportunities for the talent here. Market reports also indicate a spurt in opportunity in the retail, construction, and food processing sectors.

Read more at: https://yourstory.com/2020/02/startup-recruitment-staffing-hr-solutions-avsar-bengaluru


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