Dice reveals top technology employers, jobs, and skills for 2020

by Lance Whitney

Making a career in technology can be challenging. Depending on your particular niche, knowing what skills to study and pursue and what jobs are attainable and lucrative are only two pieces of the puzzle. Choosing the right employer is the third piece that can determine how far you can go and succeed in your job. Released on Thursday, the Dice Tech Job Report for the first quarter of 2020 shines a light on which companies, jobs, and skills are leading a path for tech professionals.

Working with data from job analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies, Dice analyzed more than 6 million tech job postings in the US from 2018 and 2019. Overall, 2019 witnessed the growth of tech hubs throughout the US, the continued emergence of data-oriented jobs and skillsets, and higher competition among businesses looking for tech talent, Dice said. Moving into 2020, companies are expected to put even more effort into hiring tech professionals.

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