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How this investment banker turned entrepreneur is helping startups find the right talent


By Thimmaya Poojary

Startups are all about hustle and energy as they are generally on a rapid growth path. In such a scenario, the key pillar which makes all the difference is the human resource (HR) element.

Connexio, founded by Saurabh Jain wants to help startups find the right talent. The Singapore and India-based executive search startup believes in having a deep engagement with the founders to understand what kind of talent they would like to hire rather than going by the CV.

An investment banker by profession with two decades experience, the DNA was very transactional for Saurabh, but it was also very relationship oriented. Saurabh felt both of these could come together for executive search or head hunting business.

Today, Connexio generates about 75 percent of its business from the startup segment, which includes companies from the consumer tech, healthtech, and edtech, besides venture capital and private equity. The rest includes a broad spectrum of old economy sectors including BFSI, pharma, aviation, consumer and many others.
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Even though Saurabh comes with a background in investment banking, the entrepreneurial bug was always there given his family background. A chartered accountant with an MBA degree, he veered towards the world of finance working with global banks while holding key roles.

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