Which LinkedIn Recruitment Features can be most useful to professional recruiters?

LinkedIn has managed well enough to be a combination of social networking and job portal. Only difference is that a job seeker look forward to the groups his or her connection has joined. LinkedIn gives scope to make groups related to a particular job type and allows the group members to discuss openly about various jobs in that relevant field. Even the group members are allowed to mention their contact details such as email ids.

Recruitment features in LinkedIn are superior to any other job portal. The most prolific ones are discussed below:

  1. Online Resume: LinkedIn’s profile form makes a resume of the candidate automatically. When a recruiter visits a candidate’s profile, he sees all the details in an online resume format. This helps the recruiter to think and work faster about choosing the candidate.
  2. Groups: Already mentioned earlier, the groups are the greatest advantage to a job seeker and recruiter. All the later has to do is to post a notice in each groups (related to the job), which is termed as “starting a discussion” in LinkedIn. Job seekers would end up in commenting and sending personal messages. They can be short listed easily. This is the best way to hire a freelancer.
  3. People searching: One can search for people having a particular skill or skill set. The search result will line up the personal profiles in an order of rating, which is self assessed by LinkedIn’s profile efficiency calculator programming. The most suitable candidate to the skill one has searched for will be enlisted on the top.
  4. People you may know: Keeping a track of the pages one is visiting, jobs one is searching, mutual connections and the groups one is willing to join, LinkedIn suggests more connections to the user. This is flashed in the right side of the home page.
  5. Who has viewed you: If a recruiter views someone’s profile, he or she can easily know that. If his or her profile is getting visits and no response at all, then it’s the time to update the profile.
  6. Company information: Once a company wants to hire a person, he doesn’t have to surf the internet for its details. LinkedIn has platform for making pages for companies. The respective recruiters put all their information over here and a link to this page is mentioned at the time of recruitment to a LinkedIn profile.
  7. Email alerts about happenings in LinkedIn: If a recruiter starts a discussion in a group then regular email updates are sent to the connected email. These emails include new discussions related to the current discussion started by the company, job seeker’s comments upon the discussion and other happenings.

Recruitment features in LinkedIn accelerate the recruitment process. Especially when one wants to hire a freelancer, it’s the best platform ever. Job seekers are allowed to mention the extra courses and examinations they have completed to get attention of the recruiters.

Anyway short listing a few profiles out of a few hundred is really a tough job. LinkedIn has added four new refinement filters to make this easier, continuing as the easiest & faster portal to recruit.