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Top 10 IT Job Boards

The concept of looking for a job online has spread like wildfire and has triggered a new type of business that has flourished due to this trend.

This is the business of online job portals or what we popularly call the job boards.

With the changing time and trends, the concept of job boards have mutated and brought about two variants of the job boards.

The older job boards had all types of jobs listed and there was no specialization the unique feature in the newer version of the job boards is that it allows a user to search for specific job requirements unlike the earlier versions. This change has mainly been patronized by boards like

Now if we want to list the top 10 IT job boards, that would become a bit ambiguous as different rating sites rate the job boards on the own scale.

Still we will take a generic view and try to identify the best ten IT job boards.

  • com – It is indeed one of the best places for technology experts or professionals to search for jobs. If you have expertise in the field of software, security, Information Technology, high tech etc this job board can expose a number of job opportunities for you. The starting amount that a person needs to pay for posting one or several jobs on this site is $459 for thirty days.
  • Computer work : It is one of the most popular job boards of recent times .You can search resume banks, computer professionals can post their resume free of cost and can also search jobs on technical employment career boards. The cost to post a job in this site is $88.
  • 37signals – : Companies like The New York Times, Facebook, Trek, and American Express use this Board to reach the best web minds of today. The cost of posting jobs for 30 days is $300 and it is $50 in case of internships.
  • Smashing Jobs : It is considered to be one of the best places to search for gigs in web designing, programming and IT jobs. Registering with this site increases your chance of getting hired as a professional.
  • CrunchBoard : It gives you access to thousands of technology and tech savvy avid readers of TechCrunch, CrunchGear and other technology blogs. You can use CrunchBoard to contact with the most prolific programmers, entrepreneurs, executives, who are interested in a better career. The cost of posting a job for a month is $200.

These are the top 10 IT job boards in today’s world.