What will be HR’s main disrupter in 2019?


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By by Emily Douglas

Good planning without good working is nothing. Or so Benjamin Franklin would have us believe. But how exactly do you plan for something that’s unforeseeable? As the world of work begins to shift. It seems to have fallen on HR’s shoulders to come up with the answers. Decision makers worry over how they’ll futureproof their organizations in the face of such change – but perhaps the key to understanding the challenges ahead is to understand the main disrupters.

“Coming into 2019, I think we’ll still be riding a wave of sourcing and recruiting technology as the main disrupters – mostly because we’re stuck in a high talent market where quality candidates are hard to pin down. It’s incredibly scarce,” explained William Tincup, president RecruitingDaily. “So, if we utilize our ‘Economics 101’, we’re not dealing with talent as a surplus, we’re wrestling with a scarcity.

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