What is Google Jobs and How Can You Use it to Your Recruitment Company’s Advantage?

By Lewis koch

Google Jobs was first released in June 2017 in the USA and has since gone live in Canada, India, Spain, and parts of Africa. The functionality launched in the UK on the 17th of July 2018. Now it is live, it is important that your recruitment company adapts to the shift in order to utilize Google Jobs to your advantage.

With 30% of all global Google searches employment-related, the purpose of Google’s new search function is to speed up the recruitment process and bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, making it easy for talented people to find suitable roles.

Job seekers can now sort job listings and browse by a variety of filters, such as:

Job specialties
Working hours
Commute time
The employer’s reviews and ratings

What are the benefits of Google Jobs for recruitment companies?

Out of the top 100 online recruiters in the UK, over 50% have not enabled Google Jobs to run on their sites. This means that the search function will not pull their data in response to a relevant search query and that they are vulnerable to better-optimized recruiting sites.

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