The robot will interview you now: AI could revolutionize recruitment by weeding out bias

By Caroline Bullock

Fuelled by the new breed of artificial intelligence (AI) -powered applications, technology that can bypass physical attributes and analyse candidate data at speed without emotion or prejudice is gaining traction. Of the 1,200 hiring professionals surveyed by recruitment firm Korn Ferry, almost two thirds say AI has changed both the way the process is carried out and believe the technology attracts higher calibre candidates.

Respondents to LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report, cite time saving and the removal of prejudice be it around age, race, religion or gender as principal benefits.

“It’s not surprising that algorithms are becoming very attractive to eradicate the risk of bias and take the decision out of the hands of an interviewer,” says Emma O’Leary, a consultant with Manchester-based employment law firm, Elas.

“Human bias is often sub conscious but sub conscious discrimination is still discrimination. In an ideal world managers should have robust equality and diversity training to overcome sexist or racist views but clearly such bias is still prevalent as the example concerning Lucia Pagliarone highlights.”

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