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The Evolution Of Executive Search

executive search

Nice Article By Kandace Miller

Headhunting firms are finding new ways to expand their services beyond executive search by adding practice areas like board advisory, succession planning, assessments and executive coaching.

Cluen provides recruitment software to many of the world’s top recruitment alliances. As discussed in my previous article, we spoke with some of these networks to learn more about the rapid evolution of executive search trends today.

How has the executive search market evolved in the past decade?

Disruption within the digital economy has led to the creation of leadership roles within various sectors. However, these roles did not exist before so you need a good tool to search for talent with a complex set of skills and competencies. For example, a chief data officer or chief IoT position requires a versatile background in enterprise data architecture, data quality and governance, business strategy and business regulation compliance. More recruiters are depending on their technology and historical data when looking for candidates to fit these new roles that require such an intricate set of skills.

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