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The 24 Best Talent Management Companies for 2020

Regardless of the number of features a Talent Management solution boasts, it’s still built off of a core idea; to ensure the highest percentage of employee retention and engagement. Talent Management companies offer core HR software solutions with the addition of some key features designed to manage and support employees. Recently, Human Capital Management (HCM) suites have become popular as well, as they support core HR, payroll, talent management, workforce management, and HR service management.

For HCM suites, the importance of the overall user experience cannot be understated. As live conversations with HR administrators decrease, the need for a compelling and personalized user experience continues to grow. We’ve noticed that usability, process transparency, and real-time analysis are critical components to an effective user experience. Additionally, we’ve found that artificial intelligence features separate the leaders in HCM from the followers, and a technology divide is starting to grow between these groups of vendors.

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