Recruitment firm to use AI to ‘revolutionise’ hiring in tech sector

A new recruitment company that aims to “revolutionise” the hiring process by using artificial intelligence (AI) has opened in Newcastle.

The firm, called Detail, will use AI to speed up the recruitment process as the software will learn which traits and characteristics employers are searching for when they hire staff.

Detail has been launched by recruitment specialists Liam Paddison and Steve Rawlingson, who is best known as the CEO and founder of engineering recruitment firm Samuel Knight International.

Mr Paddison, business development manager at Detail, said: “What we are doing is we have developed a platform based on AI and machine learning to improve hiring outcomes for clients.

“We spotted a gap in the market to make use of new technology to improve outcomes for our clients, instead of going down the traditional route of calling around people. We genuinely feel that this is something that will revolutionise and change beyond recognition the way people hire.”

Detail claims its technology is not being used anywhere else in the market. Its software uses algorithms that help firms source and select candidates for specific roles within its clients’ businesses.

The company claims that the system speeds up the hiring process by identifying six core attributes in candidates that businesses want.

“We identify a set of six traits that we found to be the best precursors for success,” said Mr Paddison. “These traits are what we and our clients have identified as the best demonstrators for success.”

The company’s name derives from the traits identified: drive, enthusiasm, track record, attitude, integrity, and life experiences.

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