No more human resources: AI invades the workplace, bot becomes the new hiring manager


By: Smitha Verma

As artificial intelligence invades the workplace, the bot has also become the new hiring manager. Is this the way companies will hire, manage and train the workforce now?

It’s the buzzword that’s taken over most human resources (HR) conferences. At last year’s HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, several companies touted the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into their recruiting products. The next conference in September explored AI in the HR landscape through multiple sessions, focusing on its role in hiring, eliminating bias, etc. Back home, the 2018 SHRM HR Tech Conference, held in Hyderabad in April, saw key sessions on how AI is going to be a driving force in HR functions. Their next conference in Chicago, held in June, had sessions on how to use AI to better understand employees.

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