Must have features in a Job Board



Job boards are web applications that assist recruitment for companies on the Internet. It is an evolution of normal offline or brick and mortar recruitment process to IT based systems.

A basic Job Board commonly has Jobseeker, Recruiter, Resources and Admin section.

Some necessary features of Job Boards are:

1] Jobseeker Process and Account Management Section
Jobseeker section makes for the core Jobseeker database of the software. Jobseekers section includes allowing a Jobseeker to create his Account, Post resumes, Search for jobs with different criteria’s, Apply for jobs, and track their application.
The Jobseeker section features including different resume management methods that are beneficial and allows for end to end management, is a must.

2] Recruiter Process Section and Recruiter Account Management
The Recruiter Section includes Opening a Recruitment Vendor Account, Selecting Specified Packages as per need, Posting a Job, Tracking Jobseekers, Hiring Management (Searching/ Advanced Search/ Selection/ Screening/ Shortlists/ Hiring), Track Posted Jobs and Application Management, Package Management, Revenue Management, and report Generation as per need.

3] Site Management Tools to manage Site, Job Seekers, and Recruiters
The Site Management section includes the Jobseeker Management, Recruiter Management, Site administration, and Revenue Management. The basic site administration also includes Site SEO and Content, Site Analytics and related Management, Reporting Management, and Theme Management.

Many of the Job Boards in the market have aspects below, though not all might be present:

1] Fast, Flexible, Customizable, Easy to Use, and hosted with good web host company
2] Jobseeker’s, Recruiter’s/ Employer’s, Website’s or Software Administration’s Management
i] Quality Searching, Jobseeker Application, Career and Resume Builder
ii] Searching Candidates, Job Posting, and Hiring process
3] Site’s, Jobseeker’s, and Employer’s Administration
3] Multi-technology or Multi-Application integration
4] Revenue Management (any Vendors, Jobseeker, Organization, Services, etc)
5] Web or Site Analytics, Source, Tracking, Metrics, and Custom Report Builder
6] Social Media Integration
7] Seamless integration with the user’s organization
8] Multi OS/ Platform Support with API’s, or for Tablet or for Mobile Integration

With these basic features in place, the Job Board Administration can be managed well.

Job Board Features: http://ejobsitesoftware.com/feature_list.htm



Job Board Admin
Job Board Admin