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How to setup a Career Site

How to setup a Career Site

Career site is a web application in company website which displays company jobs and enables job seekers to apply for open jobs directly via its company website.

Setting up an informative career page and site is critical to the success of your company as it helps attract the best candidate with the right skills.

With the advancements in technology and social media, finding talent has become very challenging. Today candidates (your potential future employees) want to be valued and respected as industry professionals

Also finding candidates is not enough these days to secure a successful employment with the company. Companies need to attract, engage and take time to build talent pools, and need to spend time “selling” and “marketing” the employment proposition

They must ensure candidates fully understand the benefits, career prospects, value proposition and ultimately make the move from one employer to the next smoothly and quickly.

In reality it’s actually getting more and more challenging to attract and manage talent (despite the advances in technology) as the job market becomes increasingly buoyant and as candidates become more and more selective about their career choices.

Setting up an advanced career site web application will ensure your brand loyalty amongst potential job seekers on long term basis.

How to setup career site?

An advanced Career site can be setup using an online applicant tracking software like is a web-based application that enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional advanced online Applicant Tracking System.

With considerable experience in designing, developing and managing high quality recruiting website provides excellent ongoing support in terms of customization and additional features.

The software is incredibly easy to use and you don’t need any technical knowledge or skills.

Benefits of career site

Setting up a career site will give your company an opportunity to promote not only the brand but the “employer proposition”, attract, engage and manage your talent. gives you the client the option to customize your career site to fit your brand and ensure the homepage makes that all important positive first impression.

With its fully automated systems, processes, built in advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) it will save your business time and we all know that time is money in business.

Features of career site

There are many features for Companies and Candidates when you set up a career site via

Company can add new jobs, edit or delete vacancies as and when appropriate, other features include custom homepage, newsletter module, banner advert capability and management, the ability to track applications, screen and shortlist. It also has the capability of producing detailed and accurate reports and management information.

Candidates have the opportunity to upload multiple resumes which means job seekers are able to apply to open vacancies much quicker and more efficiently. They can either perform advanced job searches or create job alerts by email.

Some of the features that are useful for candidates include:

  • Display Latest Jobs
  • Jobs by Category
  • Jobs by Location
  • Jobseeker Registration
  • Post Resume
  • Apply for jobs
  • Applicant Tracking
  • About Company
  • Company culture
  • Management details
  • Receive Job Alerts
  • Send Newsletter

Here are a couple of examples of career sites:





Since most people are shifting to mobile, while searching for jobs, ejobsitesoftware has a mobile version of careers site. Users of site can directly login, search and apply to any job any time via their Mobile Phone. Unregistered users can register and search job and gain easy to access different pages with a single touch.

It’s challenging enough for businesses today to keep up to date with the constantly changing technological environment and even more difficult to keep ahead of the curve while recruiting.

The most important factors when creating a strategy for a career website are the overall design and content however the site should be user friendly for company and job seekers and have the capability and functionality to meet the increasing demands of the recruitment industry today and tomorrow.

When you work with you can relax as we take care of keeping the technical features updated and ahead of the competition.

To setup a dedicated career site with Applicant Tracking, pl. contact us

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