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How To Recruit The Best Tech Talent In 2018


By Rick Brownlow

The need for skilled technology workers is increasing, but supply is dwindling. How will you recruit the best?

The UK’s tech sector is growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy according to the 2017 Tech Nation Report which means in 2018 the demand for tech talent is going to be even greater.

However it’s estimated 60% of UK companies face a skills gap within their tech departments and with Brexit looming this is unlikely to improve anytime soon.

UK companies are finding it increasingly difficult to fill positions quickly enough to meet demand, in part hindered by the current recruitment model that is failing developers and employers. One of the major issues is that coding challenges are now a vital part of the recruitment process.

Often candidates are asked to sit challenges at the weekend, which can take hours to complete. Understandably these aren’t popular especially if people are applying for several positions. Another issue is even if candidates do these they are often marked by technical teams who are extremely busy and have little time to give constructive feedback.

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