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How To Leverage Job Boards During Your Job Hunt

By Laurence Bradford –

When most of us start job hunting, we all head to the same place: a job search engine like Indeed, Monster, SimplyHired, industry-specific job boards, and others. But when you’re using these sites, there’s a better way to search than obsessively clicking “refresh” every 30 seconds.

In this article, you’ll find tips for finding your next job using a career search engine–with input from Indeed senior vice president of Product, Raj Mukherjee.

Fill out a profile and upload your resume. When job hunting, you don’t necessarily have to do all the legwork. Give employers the chance to find you, too. “Job seekers can put their resumes [on Indeed], which ties back to employers who can search those resumes,” says Mukherjee. Employers know that the most efficient way to find great candidates isn’t sorting through thousands of applications; it’s being proactive and seeking out the perfect match for the role they need to fill.

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